मुझे तो बस हर पल मे तेरा साथ चाहिये…

"मुझे तो बस हर पल मे तेरा साथ चाहिये" is a love poem inspired by the eternal love of Lord Shiva and Parvati, and some glimpses from the serial 'Mahadev'. Here Parvati says to Lord Shiva, "Though my life didn't got started with you, but I want you to be with me till my last... Continue Reading →


Love Poem – Am I Dead?

Am I Dead? - is a small and sweet love poem, for all people in Love... Am I dead? because I feel as though I met an Angel... A blessing, a dream, a reality, I don't know who you are... I don't know what I feel for you or what should I... When I think... Continue Reading →

I Love You

I Love You - is a poem through which, I just want to say to my soul mate how much I Love him. Though I have not met him yet, but still he has a place in my life that can never be replaced by anyone. I don't know where you are, But my search... Continue Reading →

Pyar ke chutki for the season…

Pyar ke chutki for the season - I was just playing a Game with my friends few days back, in which they had to select an alphabet from the word, "Valentine Day", and that alphabet will then say something about their partner behavior. Most of my male friends replied the alphabet that started with their... Continue Reading →

राधा से कान्हा बोले | Radha se kanha bole

Radha se kanha bole For all those who don't understand Hindi, the main aspect of this poem is to focus on the values of relationships that are lost today in this materialistic world. There is a small comparison between the Eternal love of "Divine Radha-Krishna" and the love between this generation couples. The translation of... Continue Reading →

I Love You in different languages

There are many languages in this world, still sometimes all languages of Love can't express the depth of Love a person has for someone. I can in so many ways say "I Love You". But, there is no way I can say, how much... 1) Afrikaans - Ek Het Jou Liefe/Ek Is Lief Vir Jou... Continue Reading →

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