मोहब्बत, फिर भी है

"मोहब्बत, फिर भी है" this is one of my poem that is not inspired by any story and just random thoughts. Usually, all my poems have a story behind them, but this poem is just filled up with random thoughts that describe an unsaid love or one-sided love. Also, this poem is special, as it... Continue Reading →


Still, She Rises

"Still, she rises" this poem is inspired by `International Women's Day 2018` theme poem competition. The thoughts that I have chosen for this poem are inspired by one of my old poem "भारतीय नारी थोड़ी थोड़ी ऐसी होती है" which was in Hindi. She often has a fear, hidden in her heart, But still, she... Continue Reading →

हर सपना सच हो सकता है

To start with the story of this poem I would say, "Pictures are the best Inspirations..." This poem started with a picture, shared below. When you see the picture, in first glimpse one can think that it's a storm but when you click and see the zoomed version, you will see, there is a story... Continue Reading →

Sapne, bas sapne hi rah jaate

Someday or the other we all may have taken help of someone whom we don't know, the most common example is a doctor. Now and then there comes a situation in the society, where each of us helps each other, like the recent example of Mumbai Rains. Gurudwaras, Mosques, Ganpati Pandals, Temples, Restaurants and, the... Continue Reading →

Just like the candle

A woman spends her whole life for her family. She exhausts herself for fulfilling the wishes of her family. "Just like the candle" is a poem that defines this journey of a woman with the comparison to a candle. Just like the candle burns to brighten the life's of others, a woman spends her life... Continue Reading →

I Wish

"I wish" is a poem that is very close to my heart. A few days back I was missing my dad a lot with a lot of thoughts in mind. So I placed all those thoughts on paper and later drafted them into this poem. This poem shows how small things matter a lot when... Continue Reading →

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