सुना था

There are a hundred statements stated by people on defining what love is, but there is no statement that can define what love is, nor there can be any such statement that can define love – because its experience varies from one person to the other and can never be same for anyone. Love is... Continue Reading →


हर सपना सच हो सकता है

To start with the story of this poem I would say, "Pictures are the best Inspirations..." This poem started with a picture, shared below. When you see the picture, in first glimpse one can think that it's a storm but when you click and see the zoomed version, you will see, there is a story... Continue Reading →

Sapne, bas sapne hi rah jaate

Someday or the other we all may have taken help of someone whom we don't know, the most common example is a doctor. Now and then there comes a situation in the society, where each of us helps each other, like the recent example of Mumbai Rains. Gurudwaras, Mosques, Ganpati Pandals, Temples, Restaurants and, the... Continue Reading →

Ek adhoora ehasaas hai

To match the speed of time, there are a lot of couples who need to stay away from each other to complete their responsibilities. Some of them are married and still have to stay away, and some are not married and that's why they are away from each other. Long distance relationships are never easy,... Continue Reading →

Dil karta hai

"Dil karta hai" is a short love poem on the festival of Holi. Holi is a festival of colors that will be celebrated all around India on 2nd March. This festival is also called as the "festival of colors" or the "festival of love" and this is what the poem depicts. In the poem, she... Continue Reading →

Kuch is tarah se hai

This poem is inspired by an unmentioned reader. God has given everyone the right to love. And when everyone can love, why can't a girl? This poem is basically on the feelings that a girl has for someone, someone whom she doesn’t know, but feels an undefined bond for. She wants to go and talk... Continue Reading →

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