Just like the candle

A woman spends her whole life for her family. She exhausts herself for fulfilling the wishes of her family. "Just like the candle" is a poem that defines this journey of a woman with the comparison to a candle. Just like the candle burns to brighten the life's of others, a woman spends her life... Continue Reading →


I Wish

"I wish" is a poem that is very close to my heart. A few days back I was missing my dad a lot with a lot of thoughts in mind. So I placed all those thoughts on paper and later drafted them into this poem. This poem shows how small things matter a lot when... Continue Reading →

You are my answered prayer

"You are my answered prayer" is a poem inspired by the engagements pictures of one of my friend. Though it's an arranged marriage and they know each other from a month, but when you look at both of them together, it feels that they are in love from years. This feeling inspired me to write... Continue Reading →

The throne of our home

"The throne of our home" is a poem dedicated to all Husbands. We often find a lot of praises done for the wife and what she does for her family, but in all that, sometimes the role played by the husbands, gets lost somewhere. This poem not only tries to show that, but also shows... Continue Reading →

I want to decorate our home

"I want to decorate our home" is an imaginary poem, where one partner tries to explain the other partner on the different ways, she wants to decorate their home. This is one of the most cutest or I should say the most romantic poem, I have ever written. The lines are not just made up... Continue Reading →

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How important is it to plan your death

"Should we plan for our Death?" The first thing that pops into one's mind on hearing this sentence would be, what a negative thought it is. But don't think about the thoughts popping up in your mind and try to understand my thought behind this question. Let's go a few days back from where this... Continue Reading →

Whenever I think about you – A poem on crush

"Whenever I think of you" is a poem on Crush, each one of us at some point of life, has a crush on someone. The lucky ones can share what they feel for their crush, if their crush approaches with love for them. And the other ones, just keep those thoughts in mind. So these... Continue Reading →

And everything will be fixed back

"And everything will be fixed back" is a poem which I had written at a hospital, when my dad was fighting between life and death. It's a poem based on trust that a person keeps on God, when he is trying to save things which mean a-lot for him... I had written this poem because... Continue Reading →

I can’t but God Can

"I can't but God Can" is a poem to show trust / faith in God, during the bad phases of life and the importance of family / parents. Family is the most important part of a person's life, so be sure you are giving that much of importance and time to your family. What I... Continue Reading →

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