The secret to happiness | खुशियो का एक राज़ है

We humans are so busy in so many other stupid things, that we wait for special moments for counting our blessings. As Christmas is a festival of blessings, it’s the right time to count our blessings. Most of the times we are so busy comparing our lives with that of others that we forget to... Continue Reading →


मुझे तो बस हर पल मे तेरा साथ चाहिये…

"मुझे तो बस हर पल मे तेरा साथ चाहिये" is a love poem inspired by the eternal love of Lord Shiva and Parvati, and some glimpses from the serial 'Mahadev'. Here Parvati says to Lord Shiva, "Though my life didn't got started with you, but I want you to be with me till my last... Continue Reading →

एक अंजनी तड़प | Poem on natural calamities

एक अंजनी तड़प - Is a poem on natural calamities. Whenever there is any kind of disaster any where around the world, mostly we don't do anything, but one thing which we do for sure is blaming God, but we forget one thing, "When we point one finger at others we are pointing three fingers... Continue Reading →

मे तो बस तेरी दीवानी | Poem on kanha

मे तो बस तेरी दीवानी - This poem is dedicated to someone whom we all Love, Kanha Ji. This poem is really special to me, as it is my first poem, for God... तेरी इस तस्वीर मे, मुझे दुनिया की तस्वीर नज़र आती है. तेरी मुस्कान से मुझे, खुशी सी मिल जाती है. इस एक... Continue Reading →

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