Deepika Janiyani Thadani from Nagpur wins the title of “Mrs. Inspirational”

The title of the post says it all, but still there is a lot to know about the story. With a wish to make a difference in society, I participated in "Mrs. West India – Empress of West India 2020" organized by DIVA Pageants and won the title of "Mrs. Inspirational". I was also one... Continue Reading →

Catch me Live todat at 04:00 pm on Facebook

You might have read my poems/quotes many times, but might have not heard me saying them. Join me today in this Live session on Facebook in association with Crossroads where I will be reciting some of my poems. There is a story on how this live streaming came in place which I will be sharing... Continue Reading →

21 days of Lock-down

"21 days of Lockdown" right now this is the most difficult situation for us all. Everyone is concerned about how these days will pass and whether they will be able to handle all the ups and downs of life. A lot of us are busy arranging daily needs for our family so that no one... Continue Reading →

Need Votes!!!

I am pleased to inform that I am one of the finalist from Nagpur for "MRS WEST INDIA - Empress of West India 2020". Please vote for me for "Popularity Award". Steps: Click like the below facebook post Please spread the word.

ज़माना तो उसे अपना ही लगता रहा…

This poem is imaginary poem on the unconditional/selfless journey of a lamp specifically diya. The poem explains the pain a diya goes through to lighten others life even when there is darkness within it. It says that the diya lightens everyone around it and people keep on evaluating it. No one things about the darkness... Continue Reading →

मेरी माँ सब कुछ जानती है

"मेरी माँ सब कुछ जानती है" is a poem specially dedicated to the love and care of a mother. मेरी माँ सब कुछ जानती है, मैं कहु ना कहु वो मेरा हर एहसास जानती है... मन में अरमान जो कोई हो, लब्जो मे आने के पहले वो जान जाती है, खुद का ख़याल रखे न... Continue Reading →

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