मेरी ज़ुबानी, शब्दो की उड़ान

Let your Feelings fly via my Words…

You, me and we

We all love to take pictures, but there are some pictures that are so filled with emotions, that they automatically carve you for writing. This poem is inspired from such genuine pictures, that make you feel in love just by... Continue Reading →

चाँद का दीदार

Not being in a relation gives you a fair chance to write on anything that's up there in your mind for anyone. This poem is basically about an imaginary person I saw in my dream, at a joggers park. I... Continue Reading →

I want to decorate our home

"I want to decorate our home" is an imaginary poem, where one partner tries to explain the other partner on the different ways, she wants to decorate their home. This is one of the most cutest or I should say... Continue Reading →

How important is it to plan your death

"Should we plan for our Death?" The first thing that pops into one's mind on hearing this sentence would be, what a negative thought it is. But don't think about the thoughts popping up in your mind and try to... Continue Reading →

सब मुझ पर छोड़ दे | Krishna Poem

This poem is basically about an internal conversation between a person and God. In this poem, God wants to convey that life will always be filled up with one or the other problem. The problems you are facing today will... Continue Reading →

हूँ खुद से अनजान मैं नहीं…

"हूँ खुद से अनजान मैं नहीं..." is a poem about one's inner recognition, it's about those kind of people who carry a smile on their face but deep inside them is a person who is sad and broken. The translation... Continue Reading →

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