A dedication to Poetry

Every poetry has a very special place in the life of the author who wrote it because it freezes the feelings of those moments into words that can be cherished for years. Be it pain, be it happiness those curly letters depict a lot he / she can’t say directly to the world. This poetry... Continue Reading →


An ode to Father

"An ode to Father" is a poem dedicated to all lovely fathers around this world. I had submitted this poem for a competition held on Fuzia, results awaiting. He doesn't know how to say he loves you, But his efforts focus only on what's good for you... Most of the time he stays far from... Continue Reading →

मोहब्बत, फिर भी है

"मोहब्बत, फिर भी है" this is one of my poem that is not inspired by any story and just random thoughts. Usually, all my poems have a story behind them, but this poem is just filled up with random thoughts that describe an unsaid love or one-sided love. Also, this poem is special, as it... Continue Reading →

Still, She Rises

"Still, she rises" this poem is inspired by `International Women's Day 2018` theme poem competition. The thoughts that I have chosen for this poem are inspired by one of my old poem "भारतीय नारी थोड़ी थोड़ी ऐसी होती है" which was in Hindi. She often has a fear, hidden in her heart, But still, she... Continue Reading →

What’s my birth time?

"What's my birth time?" I know the question is weird, but it has a lot of thoughts behind it that thrives to gain knowledge about the different aspects of our culture. Recently I came across many scenarios, which were related to the involvement of Kundali. Those who stay at India, may have come across this... Continue Reading →

हर सपना सच हो सकता है

To start with the story of this poem I would say, "Pictures are the best Inspirations..." This poem started with a picture, shared below. When you see the picture, in first glimpse one can think that it's a storm but when you click and see the zoomed version, you will see, there is a story... Continue Reading →

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