मेरी ज़ुबानी, शब्दो की उड़ान

Let your Feelings fly via my Words…

Hum duao me unse, unhe he mangna chahate hai

All lovers have a special relation with the moon and they always try to relate their love with the moon. While thinking on this, a thought came to my mind about the relation between "lamp, i.e. दीप" and "moon i.e.... Continue Reading →

The throne of our home

"The throne of our home" is a poem dedicated to all Husbands. We often find a lot of praises done for the wife and what she does for her family, but in all that, sometimes the role played by the... Continue Reading →

मुझको मुझसे जुदा मत कर

India, one of the most beautiful country of the world. The beauty of this country is basically the diversity in the different parts of the nation. These different parts of the nation are like the part of our body, and... Continue Reading →

You, me and we

We all love to take pictures, but there are some pictures that are so filled with emotions, that they automatically crave you for writing. This poem is inspired from such genuine pictures (added below, of the wedding of my colleague... Continue Reading →

चाँद का दीदार

Not being in a relation gives you a fair chance to write on anything that's up there in your mind for anyone. This poem is basically about an imaginary person I saw in my dream, at a joggers park. I... Continue Reading →

I want to decorate our home

"I want to decorate our home" is an imaginary poem, where one partner tries to explain the other partner on the different ways, she wants to decorate their home. This is one of the most cutest or I should say... Continue Reading →

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