ज़माना तो उसे अपना ही लगता रहा…

This poem is imaginary poem on the unconditional/selfless journey of a lamp specifically diya. The poem explains the pain a diya goes through to lighten others life even when there is darkness within it. It says that the diya lightens everyone around it and people keep on evaluating it. No one things about the darkness... Continue Reading →

मेरी माँ सब कुछ जानती है

"मेरी माँ सब कुछ जानती है" is a poem specially dedicated to the love and care of a mother. मेरी माँ सब कुछ जानती है, मैं कहु ना कहु वो मेरा हर एहसास जानती है... मन में अरमान जो कोई हो, लब्जो मे आने के पहले वो जान जाती है, खुद का ख़याल रखे न... Continue Reading →

उसे एक शुक्रिया तो कह देते है

Love is a feeling that has no definition. You may even spend your whole life and don't come to know what Love is. A lot of time we may misunderstand a feeling as love, and later we come to know that it's not love. This poem is not based on a love story, but it's... Continue Reading →

सुना था

There are a hundred statements stated by people on defining what love is, but there is no statement that can define what love is, nor there can be any such statement that can define love – because its experience varies from one person to the other and can never be same for anyone. Love is... Continue Reading →

A dedication to Poetry

Every poetry has a very special place in the life of the author who wrote it because it freezes the feelings of those moments into words that can be cherished for years. Be it pain, be it happiness those curly letters depict a lot he / she can’t say directly to the world. This poetry... Continue Reading →

An ode to Father

"An ode to Father" is a poem dedicated to all lovely fathers around this world. I had submitted this poem for a competition held on Fuzia, results awaiting. He doesn't know how to say he loves you, But his efforts focus only on what's good for you... Most of the time he stays far from... Continue Reading →

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