I Love You

I Love You – is a poem through which, I just want to say to my soul mate how much I Love him. Though I have not met him yet, but still he has a place in my life that can never be replaced by anyone.

I don’t know where you are,
But my search for you will not end, until I have you in my hands…

You are not just a person in the crowd,
You alone mean the world to me…

If you were with me today,
I would love to go down on my toes and say, how much you mean to me…

The whole wealth of the world doesn’t matters to me,
I just want to see the spark in your eyes always…

If ever days are not good,
And there are differences between us…

I don’t want to win any battle by raising my voice,
I would rather hold you near and kiss you my life…

Though my self-respect matters to me a lot,
But still I don’t mind, bowing myself in front of you…

All what just matters to me,
Is you and your smile…

Where ever you are in the world today,
I just wanted to say, “I Love You” my boy…



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  1. if you do not mind ..i think a little correction is required…instead of ” if you where with me today “…it should be….” if you were with me today ” please correct me if i am wrong


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