Pyar ke chutki for the season…

Pyar ke chutki for the season – I was just playing a Game with my friends few days back, in which they had to select an alphabet from the word, “Valentine Day”, and that alphabet will then say something about their partner behavior.

Most of my male friends replied the alphabet that started with their name and almost all girls replied with the alphabet starting from their partner’s name, even if that alphabet was not there.

This shows the difference in what a boy feels and what a girl feels; girls try to show their in small-small things where as boys can’t understand these things, the fault is not of them, someone has correctly said that, “we have the ability to grow up our daughters like sons, but there are very few people who know how to grow their sons like daughters.” This is the gap that causes the issues between couples.

There is no guide book for love and relations; you can’t learn from anyone else relation, you yourself have to write the book for your relation, it’s totally your responsibility to make your relation a success.

Love can only make you week, now it depends upon your partner, that they make you stand or dominate you when you are below. Always remember, never dominate you partner, keep them equal to you, because when it comes to balancing life, the load balancer’s should be equal, else your life can never be balanced.

Try to understand your partner from what they feel, not what you feel. Ultimately the target of any relationship is to be happy, and you can only be happy when you make others happy. Had read a very good article at a site, which concludes as; “Our Happiness lies in the Happiness of other people. Give them their Happiness; you will get your own happiness…

Many a times married couples fail to express their love because they think that it’s not required. Never think like this, love is required in the same way as oxygen, you can just live on ventilator for few days not for life time.

Valentine week is not just a celebration, it’s a chance, a chance to go out and speak your feeling to the person whom you love. Don’t wastes these 8 special days of the divine Valentine Week, always maintain the purity of Love…

Feb 7,  Rose Day Rose Day
Feb 8,  Propose Day Propose Day
Feb 9,  Chocolate Day Chocolate Day 
Feb 10, Teddy Day Teddy Day 
Feb 11, Promise Day Promise Day 
Feb 12, Hug Day Hug Day
Feb 13, Kiss Day Kiss Day 
Feb 14, Valentine Day

Go and say out to the person whom you love about how much you love them.


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  1. very nice…but i say that to convey how much you love….neither ROSE nor chocolate/teddy/… are required to propose your love…only heart of one will convey love to the heart of other through your eyes..the other will get automatically …


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