Dil karta hai

"Dil karta hai" is a short love poem on the festival of Holi. Holi is a festival of colors that will be celebrated all around India on 2nd March. This festival is also called as the "festival of colors" or the "festival of love" and this is what the poem depicts. In the poem, she... Continue Reading →


सब मुझ पर छोड़ दे | Krishna Poem

This poem is basically about an internal conversation between a person and God. In this poem, God wants to convey that life will always be filled up with one or the other problem. The problems you are facing today will not be there with you tomorrow. Don't lose yourself between these problems, you are a... Continue Reading →

कभी तो समझ ले तू – Radha Krishna Poem

"कभी तो समझ ले तू", is a short poem, where Radha tries to tell Lord Krishna that all that she wants from him is Love. The poem goes as follows. She says, people often fail to understands words, at-least you try and understand my feelings. No combination of words can express my feelings for you.... Continue Reading →

राधा से कान्हा बोले | Radha se kanha bole

Radha se kanha bole For all those who don't understand Hindi, the main aspect of this poem is to focus on the values of relationships that are lost today in this materialistic world. There is a small comparison between the Eternal love of "Divine Radha-Krishna" and the love between this generation couples. The translation of... Continue Reading →

मे तो बस तेरी दीवानी | Poem on kanha

मे तो बस तेरी दीवानी - This poem is dedicated to someone whom we all Love, Kanha Ji. This poem is really special to me, as it is my first poem, for God... तेरी इस तस्वीर मे, मुझे दुनिया की तस्वीर नज़र आती है. तेरी मुस्कान से मुझे, खुशी सी मिल जाती है. इस एक... Continue Reading →

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