Still, She Rises

"Still, she rises" this poem is inspired by `International Women's Day 2018` theme poem competition. The thoughts that I have chosen for this poem are inspired by one of my old poem "भारतीय नारी थोड़ी थोड़ी ऐसी होती है" which was in Hindi. She often has a fear, hidden in her heart, But still, she... Continue Reading →


Just like the candle

A woman spends her whole life for her family. She exhausts herself for fulfilling the wishes of her family. "Just like the candle" is a poem that defines this journey of a woman with the comparison to a candle. Just like the candle burns to brighten the life's of others, a woman spends her life... Continue Reading →

Let me walk a mile without you – Voice of Women

As rightly said by Melinda Gates, "A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman." "Let me walk a mile without you" is based on this voice. Its a poem where the woman of the society, wants to say to the men of the society, that why she wants to work/live as equal... Continue Reading →

On International Widows Day – Lets support what we created

Women… It's a sacred word, one kept for someone who truly can't be described in any other way. Hundreds of words we've came to describe a woman but still none of the words can truly define her. This is a topic on which any writer can write theses but still he can't define what a... Continue Reading →

God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers

Mother, one of the most beautiful creation of God. God can create everything in this world, but to enter this world, even he needs a mother. This is something which we see or get to learn from our culture. May it be Lord Jesus, Lord Rama, Lord Buddha or Lord Krishna, everyone needed a mother.... Continue Reading →

A great flame follows a little spark

Women, defined as the `Gods best Creation`. Indeed they are, not because they look different, but because they feel things differently. They are one of a kind, and so is the journey they have traveled. She is loyal, faithful, loving and respectful. She can share, care, nurture, cook, work all in one go.Even if they... Continue Reading →

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