On International Widows Day – Lets support what we created

Women… It’s a sacred word, one kept for someone who truly can’t be described in any other way. Hundreds of words we’ve came to describe a woman but still none of the words can truly define her. This is a topic on which any writer can write theses but still he can’t define what a Woman is.

Besides being the most beautiful creation of God, her life is not that beautiful. To which ever level of success she is standing, she is always named after a man. First her father, and then her husband. She is never allowed to have an individual identity, if she is not married or divorced, people look at her with bad eyes. She always has to carry a tag of someone or the other so that people should respect her, consider her, value her. But one day when that tag gets vanished on loss of her husband, she loses her identity and is named as a Widow or Vidhva.

As per facts, in 2015 there are an estimated 259 million widows and 585 million children in the world, together with their family members the number is well over a billion people. Through no fault of their own they lose their husband or father and continue to suffer for the rest of their lives through stigma, discrimination and poverty.

Widowed women experience targeted murder, rape, prostitution, forced marriage, property theft, eviction, social isolation, and physical abuse. 1.5 million Widows children in the world die before their fifth birthday. Children of widows face horrors such as child marriage, illiteracy, loss of schooling, forced labor, human trafficking, homelessness and sexual abuse. This is not reported in a particular state or country but throughout the world.

Hence, since 2005 “International Widows Day” (IWD) takes place every year on 23rd June. IWD is a global day of focus for effective action to raise awareness and help widows and their children around the world who are suffering through poverty, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, conflict and social injustice.

Though many of the organizations are involved in improving the condition of women of the society, none can be successful if we don’t change our mindset. If we see the evolution of human beings, humans have evolved in their physical and environmental aspects, but not on their mental aspects. We have moved from a simple phone to smart phones, but our mind has not evolved from the one that was in 90’s to the one that should be of 20’s.

Whenever people meet a divorced man or a widower they look at him with pity, and treat him as though God has done injustice to him and behave with him very well.

And when we meet a widow, we look down to them because of the loss of her husband, blame them for all that happened, term her as manglik, the reason to loos of her husband, etc. God never made any such terms to refer to a women only. When even a leaf can’t fall without his permit, how can someone die because of someone?

Moving forward to divorce girls, people look down at them because of her failed marriage, society makes her and her family feel ashamed. Why is it so wrong for a girl to be divorced? Why do people want a girl to handle all the abusive activities, instead of putting a smile on her face by separation?

God had never created the terms like marriage, widow, manglik etc. all these terms and rules associated to these terms where created by us humans, hence it is our responsibility to support what we created. It is our collective responsibility to safeguard the human rights and dignity of women, and eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. Only together, we can eliminate the challenges faced by women around the world and allow them to realize their potential as equal members of the society.

On this 10th International Widows Day, let us start a dialogue on solving the problems faced by widows, and fight back for safeguarding their dignity. If a divorced man or a widower is accepted in the society then even a divorced girl and widow should be. She should also be given the rights to remarry and start her life afresh, to work and to live.

It’s high time that women should get the respect she deserves, not only in her family but also in the society. God has given her only the rights & responsibility to bring a new life in the world, without her world would end. She is a creator not a destructor, so she should be treated like one.

Do you think we have said it well? Now its your turn. Do let us know your views for the Article, in the comment section below.

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