A great flame follows a little spark

Women, defined as the `Gods best Creation`. Indeed they are, not because they look different, but because they feel things differently. They are one of a kind, and so is the journey they have traveled.

She is loyal, faithful, loving and respectful. She can share, care, nurture, cook, work all in one go.Even if they do small things for someone they do it with love. Besides being a homemaker, she has many other qualities that help her to make a recognizable position in any field.

From ICICI, HP, Yahoo or Reliance Foundation, it’s a woman who is leading all the top most organizations.They make half of the workforce at any organization. All this shows that women have evolved from the lady who used to get beaten by her husband, to a lady who leads the organization, and makes us realize that the journey of a woman throughout was a wonderful experience.

But, is it so? Many of us would say the answer is Yes, but this is just one side of a coin, we are always so focused visualizing what is in front of us, that we forget that the coin always has the other side.

Seeing the history of women, we would say that her journey has evolved, but we are seeing the history from the part of the fall, not from the start. No movie is completed, if it is not watched from the start so let’s go back to the Ancient times.

In ancient times; women were given equal status in education, self-defense training and right to choose her partner. Let’s take some examples with which we are familiar. Razia sultan was one of the monarch that ruled Delhi. Who doesn’t know about Rani Lakshmi Bai?She is a name etched in history because of her bravery. It’s not that these ladies woke up one day, and decided to rule or fight for their country, this shows they were trained and educated and only then they were able to use their skills. They were married at a mature age and had the right of choosing their life partner’s; swayamvaram is a very good example of the same.

Today, if a guy teases a girl, what do we say? You should not go out of home, stay back at home, cover yourself from top to bottom, don’t smile at people, etc. If we had given the right education to the women and taught her self-defense, wouldn’t have been things easy? Even if a girl opts to learn it, we say, this is not your job, you should learn how to cook and take care of kids, etc. A girl is not a cooking machine, and those who feel so, should go ahead and invent a machine.

Still today 40-60%, women don’t have the right to choose their partners, and the worst part is how they are chosen. The first thing is dowry, give out a huge amount and the groom will get ready to marry your girl what so ever she may be like. Second is her beauty, if she is beautiful, many guys are behind her, and will try to marry her at any cost, and if one of them is not successful and is mad, she will be the next acid attack victim. People have nothing to do with her qualifications, her achievements or her nature, they just see what’s above her, and may it be beauty or a penny.

Dressing, a guy can dress up as a hero or a villain, people will adore his style. At the same place, how so ever decent a girl may be dressed in, we try to take out faults. Instead of improving at our view at looking things, we say “she is trying to show off”.

Many of the males think, the best part to take out their frustration is to beat their wife’s. Domestic violence is still a part of the society. Female infanticide is one of the most dangerous fear of our society and the thing that is shameful is we pray to our Goddess for a male child forgetting they are also a lady.

So comparing to the ancient time, where do women stand? Though she has right to education today, she has a job, but are we giving her the freedom to express herself? No.

Though many people think all this is happening in a rural of backward class of the society, but this is not the fact, it is happening in the whole society, it’s just that things have changed their names. Dowry, named as gift can’t change its pain. Nor does teasing can be named as a style statement. And even if it is a part of the society, it is there in the society, and as the famous quote goes, ‘a rotten apple spoils the whole basket’.

Instead of teaching our son not to cry, they should be taught not to make someone else cry. We always teach our daughter how we should present ourselves in the society, the day we start teaching our son the things we teach our daughter, half of the problems of the society will get extinct.

In all this, the achievement that women had made today can’t be ignored. If it would have been just about her achievement, any combination of words would have not been able to define it. No journey can be describable, if the struggle behind achieving is not mentioned.And her journey is not yet completed, since she is yet to achieve her Everest.

It’s just that we need to make people realize that instead of blaming the part of society that has not evolved; it’s important to make small attempts to improve it, so that we all can walk together. Just like it’s always better to light a candle than cursing the darkness, and speaking about her struggle was just like giving a little spark for getting a great flame.


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