एक अंजनी तड़प | Poem on natural calamities

एक अंजनी तड़प – Is a poem on natural calamities.

Whenever there is any kind of disaster any where around the world, mostly we don’t do anything, but one thing which we do for sure is blaming God, but we forget one thing, “When we point one finger at others we are pointing three fingers at our-self…”

By this poem, I am trying to show a part of pain, which God feels… The pain given by us to God, each type of natural calamity is explained as a pain which God feels…

There is a relationship between tears and rains, it shows someone’s pain in some way.

Whenever we hurt someone, God tries to hide his pain in forms of rains, but he doesn’t says anything to anyone, because he doesn’t wants to hurt anyone (Hydro-logical disasters – Floods ).

 We keep on destroying his world, but he destroys what is his.

The fire in which his heart burns, he tries to warm our hand by the same fire(Volcanic eruptions, Heat waves).

The storm that is in his heart, he tries to blow us in the same storm (Cyclonic storms, Hailstorms).

He wants to absorb the world inside him, but still gives us a chance to improve, but still we doesn’t understand this, and that’s why he gets broken (Earthquakes, Tsunami, Droughts).

When he is not able to tolerate this pain, it takes the name of destruction.

Why do we blame him for anything, its us who gives him so much of pain. As much pain we give to anyone, the same amount of pain comes back to us, the form of it might not be pain, but still it leaves a pain…

ek anjani tarap


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