The secret to happiness | खुशियो का एक राज़ है

We humans are so busy in so many other stupid things, that we wait for special moments for counting our blessings.

As Christmas is a festival of blessings, it’s the right time to count our blessings.

Most of the times we are so busy comparing our lives with that of others that we forget to see what good things are there in our life.

And the worst part is that we compare our lives with the life of persons who are more fortunate than us, and forget to see the people who are less fortunate than us, whereas the exact balance of a happy life is in keeping a balance in comparison with our more fortunate and less fortunate people.

Like if a more fortunate person has luxury he might not have happiness, while when we are having happiness a less fortunate person may not even have food to eat.

This poem is an imagination that shows the reality of life.

था जो उलझा मैं इस जमाने के सवालो मे, नाखुश सा कीसी अफ़साने से,
सोचा; एक जादुई चिराग जो होता, तो सब कुछ आज मेरे पास होता…

अगर सांता क्लॉज़ सच मे होता, तो क्या मेरा अरमान आज होता,
सोचा क्या माँगु उससे, हिरे मोती तो नही माँगुगा उससे…

माँ बाप तो मेरे पास है, पूरी करते वो मेरी हर आस है,
एक घर जो मेरे पास है, न्ही वो एक मकान है…

रिश्तो का बंधन साथ है, हा मेरे दोस्त भी मेरे पास है,
रोटी कपड़ा और मकान है, हा मोबाइल भी मेरे पास है…

एक पल को ख़यालो को सॅंजो के, नज़र जो डाली रास्ते के एक मोर पे,
छाया न्ही वह सवेरा था, रोशनी होते हुए भी वहा अंधेरा था…

ना दर था; ना घर था, पर सब कुछ तो मेरे संग था,
होता क्या होगा उनका, है न्ही कोई जो पास जिनके…

हर वक्त अपने से ऊंचा जाके, खुशियो को तोला,
है कोई नीचे भी मेरे, ये क्यू है भुला था…

हा सब कुछ तो मेरे पास था, फिर क्यू ये नाखुश सा एहसास था…
फिर जाना; हर चीज़ को मोल देने मे ही, खुशियो का एक राज़ है…

It says,

When I was lost in my thoughts, getting disappointed by calculating what all I have lost.

I had a thought, what if I had a magic wand with me, that would have fulfilled all my dreams.

What if Santa Clause would really exist, if he would, what all would be there in on wish list today.

What all can should I ask him, gems are not the right thing to ask him. My mom, dad is with me, and they do fulfill all my dreams. I have a house that is my home and I was always bounded within the circle of my relatives, and also surrounded by my friends.

I had all the basic necessities of life (Food, clothing and shelter), and also the non necessities (mobile) .

While collecting all the thoughts of my mind, my eyes fell on the street line where poor people live.

Though there was no shelter, but besides of the sunlight there was darkness.

They didn’t have home, or a place to live, though I had everything. What should those people do, that don’t have anything. I always used to compare my life to my more fortunate, why I forget there are some people less fortunate to me also.

When I have everything, why do I lack happiness, and then is when I realized, happiness lies in valuing things you have.


11 thoughts on “The secret to happiness | खुशियो का एक राज़ है

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  1. Deepika, I’ve been reading your blog for about a year. Whenever you post an article in English, I read it over and over. Whenever you post in Hindi, I stare at the curly little letters, wishing I could make sense of them. My life is richer because of your writing.

    As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I’d have to say that there is no special day for us to count our blessings. Every day is the right day to thank God for what we have. God has told us that we will never be able to count all the blessings that He has given us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

    May God bless you every day, Deepika. You are a special person.


    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for the lovely comments.

      I am what I am only because of readers like you.

      I totally agree on the thoughts you have shared with respect to valuing our Blessings, we humans are so busy in other stupid things that for valuing our blessings we wait for special moments.

      Also Whenever I write in Hindi I try to add the English translation also.

      Still if your need the translation for any post do let me know.


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