Everyone needs motivation. Sometimes someone’s feedback can be the biggest motivation for someone. So do find out some time and sign the guestbook below.


15 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Though I haven’t gone through all the articles, but the few which i have read, what to say, just mesmerizing!

    Keep moving, and all the best.


  2. Inspirational Articles. Go ahead and keep moving with your natural flow.

    “Good and evil of this world of duality are unreal, are spoken of by words, and exist only in the mind.”
    – Bhagavatam, XI, ch. XXII.


  3. Ma’am, god bless u for having such skills. Keep smiling.

    Its really worthy felt so relaxed after reading.

    Although maximum poems are great but some poems dedicated to Lord kanha are my favorite.

    I wish if Kanha make you write some more.

    Thank you


  4. 3 years… its a long time… working as Software developer and then working on your hobby till late hours… wow how u managed that.
    This inspires me a-lot.
    Congrats for completing 3 years 🙂 🙂


  5. I have been reading your blog since the last few days and really enjoy it.

    I try to comment the same on your post, but I fail to express what I want to with my words.

    Wish I had this quality like you.


  6. Deepika you are just like a magician of words. Your writings wave a magic wand to my thoughts and make me cherish the world around me.

    Keep writing and make me keep reading all the wonderful stuff…

    God Bless You…


  7. Hey beautiful…

    Finally I am here not bcz you wanted bcz i wanted to. Hmmmm what to say about your work. Just incredible, beautiful, charming like you. I think, to be a good poet you need to be more beautiful from inside. N that is what you are. That is what makes you different from others. Xx . So keep up the good work and keep rocking…



  8. Hi Deepika, it is really a pleasure reading ur writings & poems. They indeed are very inspiring & consoling at times.. I feel very lucky to have a friend like u!!

    Also I wonder, how u manage this all… 😉

    Keep writing, keep awakening.. 🙂


  9. I always loved reading things that interested me, but articles and poems you wrote inspired me to start writing what I’m interested.

    You unleashed my untapped passion with your works. In that way, your writings are really special and inspirational to me!! 😀

    Wish you be blessed with everything you deserve.

    Srinivas Harsha


  10. Dear Deepika,

    Loved all ur writings dear,
    U arranged d words in such a unique way,
    By just reading yours words it affects my heart n mind d same way.
    U have dis art of expressing ur thoughts its one of d reason y I love u a lot.
    Stay blessed n tc.


  11. Hi dear,
    Feels great to see and read your superb blogs all the time…really,always i have gained a lot of inspiration from your blogs..keep writing it..inspire us.

    God bless deeps. 🙂


  12. Hello,
    I was looking for Radha-Krishna’;s poems and I found on your blog and I was reading your blog and really feel good because I found many things in in your single blog you wrote about thanks giving to all who takes effort for us!

    And I have written that paragraph in my notebook so that I can keep it with me and think more about it.
    I’m thankful to u too because I got some good thoughts and also made a blog and this is totally unexpected and I’m really surprised and happy a lot too !!!

    Once again thank you !!!


  13. Deepika, in the year or so that I’ve been reading your blog, I have gained a lot of inspiration from your writing, and you have never failed to put a smile on my face.

    I love this blog, and I always feel a tinge of excitement when I see a new notification from it in my email inbox.

    These are the thoughts of a very special and warm-hearted young woman, and a talented writer.

    Deepika, keep up the fantastic work. I am your biggest fan.


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