I Wish

“I wish” is a poem that is very close to my heart. A few days back I was missing my dad a lot with a lot of thoughts in mind. So I placed all those thoughts on paper and later drafted them into this poem.

This poem shows how small things matter a lot when you don’t have your parents around. No happiness feels to be complete when they are not around.

It kills, but still, you have to live, with a smile on your face so that the people around you can feel safe.

The poem goes as follows,

I wish I could rewind time. Dad with you, I wanted to spend, some more time...

I know that is impossible, but I want to make it possible...

I want you to see me, fulfilling the wishes you had for me...

I want you to see him, handling everything well with a grin...

I want you to see things changing, somewhere they are improving...

I know why you left, but I want to merge time so that we can live it to its best...

I wish along with us you can also live, all that, you had dreamed for, Dad...

- Deepika Janiyani

With this, I would like to say that if you have your and your partners parents around you, love and respect them. Take out time for them. Someday they might not be there, and you should not have that regret that you were not able to do something special for them.

Do share the poem with the one you love and to your friends. You can also download the poem as an image to share.

Since you are already here, please do leave your views on this poem in the comment section below.


18 thoughts on “I Wish

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  1. Nice Poem, Nice emotions, Nice articulation !!!!!
    I could very well connect with you as I sail in the same boat which is minus the parents.
    its all part of life. We have no option but to accept the reality and move on. One fine day we too will merge back with them.


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