You are my answered prayer

“You are my answered prayer” is a poem inspired by the engagements pictures of one of my friend. Though it’s an arranged marriage and they know each other from a month, but when you look at both of them together, it feels that they are in love from years. This feeling inspired me to write out this poem.

My friend likes to travel a lot, he also loves food a lot, so he tries to have food in almost all restaurants where ever he visits. This poem revolves around these characteristics of him.

The poem goes as follows,

When I met you, I realized my life will now be altogether a new adventure,
Though it was always full with adventures, but now I realized those were just ventures...

With your hand in place with mine,
I feel secure for the journey, planned in my lifeline...

By looking into your eyes, I can see the rest of my life,
A journey which I can travel forever when you are with me, my life...

It will be a journey that will not only be mine,
But it will be shared between us, just like all our upcoming dine...

I get a reason to smile, by looking at your eyes shine,
And your smile when matched with mine gives me a reason to shine...

I will try to make all your wishes come true and fulfill your each prayer,
Just the way, "You are my answered prayer"...

- Deepika Janiyani

Do share the poem with the one you love and to your friends. You can also download the poem as an image to share.

Since you are already here, please do leave your views on this poem in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you want to compose a poem for your loved one…


12 thoughts on “You are my answered prayer

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  1. Wow… short and sweet poem! Really liked the way you’ve feelings in each stanza by taking help of contrast imagination.


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