Ek adhoora ehasaas hai

To match the speed of time, there are a lot of couples who need to stay away from each other to complete their responsibilities.

Some of them are married and still have to stay away, and some are not married and that’s why they are away from each other.

Long distance relationships are never easy, especially because sometimes you really don’t know if things out there are really fine or not.


To relate to what I mean, I would like to share an incident, one of my friends has been married for last 1.5 years, but both have to stay in separate cities to complete their sets of responsibilities.

Few months back, there was a fight between the two, and both were trying to sort it out. In between all this, we were just discussing how to help them sort out things between them, to which one of my friend Mousumi said, “Deepika, you can never understand, what the other person is saying, because you are not seeing / meeting that person in front of you. Further, she related this by saying that though our friend was saying she is fine to her husband, but we could see she was not (This was one of the most important lesson I learned from Mousumi).”

There were a lot of questions my friend wanted an answer for and the case can be vice versa also, but due to the virtual communication between the two, a lot went unsaid and sadly unfelt. May be even her partner had a lot to say, but even he was also not saying it, due to some unsaid reason.


In such cases, the love between them is something that can complete them, but due to the distance between the two, the love somewhere remains incomplete, besides being complete.

This poem explains the same pain, expectations, dreams, love and emotions a couple has, when they are in a long distance relationship.

The poem goes as follows,

हज़ारो तारों से सजी हुई रात मे, बस एक ही ख़याल आता है...

अगर तुम साथ होते, तो यूँ होता की; हर एक अहसास, एक खवाब ना लगता,
जिनके मायने हम दोनों से पूरे होते है, हमारा हर वो पल, यू अधूरा ना लगता...

सांसे तो हम आज भी लेते है, पर तेरे साथ से, जीने का एहसास होता है...

तुम्हे कहने की ज़रूरत भी न्ही परती, हम यू ही, तेरी हर खाविश पूरी कर देते, 
अरमानो के इस संदूक में, तेरी मुस्कुराहट से रोशनी भर देते...

तू भी इस बात से अंजान नहीं, कि आखिर, तेरी मुस्कान से ही तो, सजती मेरी दुनिया है...

चाँद की चाँदनी में जब हर दिल कहीं है जो दुआ माँगता,
हर फरियाद उनकी पूरी हो, मेरा दिल उनके लिए, है ये ही मन्नत माँगता...

क्योंकि ना जाने मेरा इश्क़ किस मन्नत का मोहताज है, पूरा हो के भी ये एक अधूरा एहसास है...

- Deepika Janiyani

I hope I was able to justify the emotion; the way it should be. With this, I wish, all those incomplete stories, get completed soon, and no loved one has to remain away from their love.

Do share the poem with the one you love and to your friends, specially the ones who are going through this phase and let us know your views on this poem in the comment section below.

You can also download the poem as an image to share…

I would also like to thank Priyanka, for helping me to find the words to rhyme the poem.


21 thoughts on “Ek adhoora ehasaas hai

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  1. Emotions nicely justified. Good narration and on a sensible topic.

    The image that you’ve chosen for the poem is just enough to understand what this poem is all about.


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