Our Rings

Few months back, I had came to know about rings that have the couple’s fingerprints engraved in it through the tag line “Her Ring His Fingerprint / His Ring, Her Fingerprint”.

The ring and the thought of wearing such ring gave me goose bumps and inspired me to write lines that can be engraved with hearts.

This poem revolves around the concept of fingerprints being engraved in the ring. The thought of such ring gives me a feeling of strength, saying where ever I and my partner may be, we will still be together through that ring.
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This poem also makes use of the ancient believe of “Vena amoris” i.e. the “Vein of Love” that is said to connect the ring finger with the heart, however this is just a belief.

The poem goes as follows,

The custom says, you need to exchange rings, to say, "I Do",
But we both know, no custom can define the way, we mean "I Do"...

Hence, when we exchanged our rings, it was not just a ring,
Our fingerprints were engraved, in each others ring...

It was not a random choice, to show the world what we feel,
It's just between you and me, no one can actually understand what we feel...

It's not just a mark, it's a thought to say,
I not only "Do", I do care and I am ready to stay...

No words can define, how we feel,
Still, my heart wanted to say whatever it feels...

It says I will be with you, in every blue,
You just have to hold on, your ring, without any glue...

It will make you feel I am there, with you, in all that you do,
And will make sure, you will never get down, in any blue...

Your smiles, your laughter, I will be a part of every gesture;
Feelings will fall in love, while living with us our adventure...

You might not share with me your pains;
Still, it will remind you of my presence and strengthen you before you go weak with the strain...

But beyond everything, it will remind you that, my heart lives with your beats,
That's why they say, the ring finger has `Vena amoris` which connects the heart and makes it beat...

- Deepika Janiyani

Do share the poem with the one you love and to your friends, you can also download the poem as an image to share…

I would also like to take out one minute more from your schedule and wish you a Happy Vaisakhi, Poila Boishakh,Bishuva Sankranti, Vishu, Puthandu, Rongali Bihu, Solar New Year and Ambedkar Jayanti. May you be blessed with the Goodness of Good Friday.

Since you are already here, please do leave your views on this poem in the comment section below.


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