It’s my blog’s 5th anniversary

5 years… 91st published post, 8 drafts and the journey of reaching 100… Oh my God…
This is really something that is unbelievable for me and expressing this journey in words, will be the most difficult thing for me…

Let me share a recent incident, I was just discussing with a friend of mine that I will be completing 5 years with my blog on 21st Feb and what all plans I had to post in the next few days. And he asked, “It’s just a hobby, why and how do you invest so much time on it?”.
Yes, his question was valid, because working as a software engineer takes a lot of my time and energy throughout the day, and its late night when I invest time for my writings…

The answer to his question, concluded with, it’s not just a hobby… It’s actually me
This blog or should I say my writings have been with me throughout the various phases of my life. It has been my friend, my guide…

There was a phase in my life (dad’s last time), when I didn’t want to talk to any or share my pain, at that time also, all my pain came out in the form of poetry…
It has not only listened to my feelings, but many of the times while writing them, I got a solution to my problems. It brings back the trust / confidence I lose at times. My blog has not only helped me grow as a writer, but it has also helped me grow professionally.
It helps me communicate with a lot of people around this world. It helps me understand the point of views of different people, which makes me a better human, because I get to know different mind-sets and how to deal with them. How to feel the pain and how to grow with the same…
There is a lot to say, and as I already said, it will be really difficult to express this journey.

However difficult it might have been for me to express this, but there are two recent incidences that I could not miss sharing.
One of my blog readers “David Wallace” from “Wellington” who is now a very good friend of mine said “Whenever you write a new poem in Hindi, I wish I could read it”. Though I try to add its translation, but as said by him earlier and what I feel, “No English translation will ever do justice to the words that you choose”.
Another sweet thing that happened today morning was when my professor “Vijay Masarkar”, who actually motivated me for writing gave this feedback for my last poem, “Very good… I’m sure no one can even think of writing on this. Keep it up…”. “No one can even think of writing on this” is a huge compliment for any writer.
Belonging from a world, where people don’t allow girls to express their views, this blog has allowed me to share my thoughts with the whole world. What else can a person desire for.
Due to my writings, I recently got connected to a writers group on a social media, and after joining that group, I realized why I am different and what I am blessed with

I don’t think any other person could have been able to take this place in my heart the way this blog takes. And that why this blog and this 5th anniversary is so special and important for me…
Last but not the least, as all my friends say I can relate any topic to love, I feel no other date could have been more romantic for this blog creation, than today… For those who know Hindi and don’t know what’s so lovely with today’s date, try saying “21-2” in Hindi.

Hope my blog impacts and helps others to grow, and if it does, do let me know with your comments or by signing the guestbook

Few pics from my blog anniversary celebration that I had with my Gulabos on 17th Feb.


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  1. Waүy cool! Sօmе very valid points! I appreciate you writing thіs post and also thee rest of the site iѕ really good.


  2. Congratulations on 5 years. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us. I hope to be reading your words for the next 5 years!


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