It will heal – A poem on recovery

Each one of us might have faced this situation, where we or our loved one might have met with a misfortune like accident, fracture, cuts or anything that’s not meant to happen, something which we might have not thought of, or planned for.

In such scenarios, we always curse the situation, instead of thinking what it has brought for us.

I had recently met with a minor accident on 5th Feb, just before the valentine week 😦 and got a deep cut on my leg, which required stitches. When these stitches were removed and I was just seeing how bad my marks were looking, the whole story of that duration – how I got the cut and how I faced that week was running like a flashback. Remembering this I realized how careful I have became with small things etc after this incident.

It made me realize how important each part of our body is, and how much care and efforts we should take for it.

Though misfortunes are not good for anyone, but it teaches us a lot of things, that might make us more responsible towards ourselves.

This poem is based on the same concept. I know no words can be comforting in this situation, but still I had tried to share my experience in a positive manner… Hope this helps someone to take any misfortune happened to them in a positive way…

I know the cut is deep, but trust me it will heal,
Though the world can see it, but no one knows how you feel...

It need rest, it needs care, it's not there to trouble you,
"You should care for yourself", is what it wants to remind you...

It says how much each part values, and how you should protect it,
In the hustle bustle of your life, you should not forget it...

The marks will stay, and they will say, a story you might not like,
Or ask you a query, "why things are not alright?", and the answer, you might not like...

They will teach you how to heal, how to add a smile with a broken feel...
And when you learn to heal, they will go away without any seal...

- Deepika Janiyani

Since you are already here, please do leave your views on this poem in the comment section below.


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  1. Very well said….misfortunes teaches a positive thought will recover everything. Very deep thought.keep it up.


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