Hum duao me unse, unhe he mangna chahate hai

All lovers have a special relation with the moon and they always try to relate their love with the moon. While thinking on this, a thought came to my mind about the relation between “lamp, i.e. दीप” and “moon i.e. चाँद”.

Though this pairing is not one of those where a writer can write much about, but when thought about it in deep, there was a lot to write about. In-fact, it came out to be one of my lengthiest poems.

In this poem you can see the love between the two characters i.e. moon and lamp, here lamp is playing the role of a female character. Along with love there is a pinch of traditional values added by “करवाचौथ”, this is a custom where the wives keep a fast for their husband and while breaking the fast they see moon from a “Sieve” and a lamp on the edge of the Sieve. Not only love, you can also feel a pain in the poem, the pain is to show that besides the love between the two they can’t be together, may be because they never talked about being together or shared their feelings.

One more point of pain is, that the lamp feels that everyone prays to the moon to get their lover, and then how can the lamp pray to the moon to get him.

This poem also breaks the common presumption where we always assume that only the males relate their lover with the moon, in this poem the case is totally opposite.

What’s more special about this poem is that my name also means “lamp and its light” and my friends also call me “दीप”. This gave a very personal touch to the poem and inspired me more to write about it.

एक वो आसमान में सजने वाला है, एक वो ज़मीं पे रहने वाली है,
दोनों एक जहान के है, फिर भी एक नहीं है...

हो जब अंधेरा, तो उसे छुपाने के लिए, वो आसमान में कही सज जाता है,
और उसका साथ निभाने के लिए, वो ज़मीं पे कही जल जाती है...

एक पल की बात है, वो एक पल की याद है,
बस उस एक पल के लिए, वो पल पल तड़पते है...

मुलाकात हो भी तो कैसे, उन्हें देखते ही कही, उनके सजदे में सर झुक जाता है...

करवाचौथ की शाम मे, वो छाननी से, उनका दीदार करती है,
न जाने कितनों की मन्नत को, पूरा करने के लिए, वो दोनों सजदे करते है...

वो दोनों एक दूजे पे भी मरते है, फिर ना जाने क्यों, कहने से डरते है...

होगा ख्वाब उसका भी, उनका साथ मिले, ये सोच के वो कही शर्मा जाती है,
शर्मा जाती है, या घबरा जाती है...

उनसे तुलना खुद की करें भी तो कैसे, वो जग सजाता है, ये खुद को जलती है...

होने को दोनों के ख्वाब एक हो सकते है,
पर उन्हें एहसास कैसे दिलाए, एक जो घर रोशन है उस से, वो उसका एक हिस्सा है, हा एक जिम्मा है...

उसे पा लूँ कही, एक पल को ऐसा भी लगता है,
दूसरे ही पल लगता है, ये मुकाम प्राप्त नहीं हो सकता है...

कहा एक तरफ लोग, दुआओं में, उनसे अपना प्यार मांगते है,
और दूसरी तरफ हम, दुआओं में उनसे, उन्हें ही मांगना चाहते है...

- Deepika Janiyani

Since you are already here, please do leave your views on this poem in the comment section below.


54 thoughts on “Hum duao me unse, unhe he mangna chahate hai

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  1. When researching for my novel about the Queen of Sheba, I chose to depict her as a Moon Goddess rather than a Sun Goddess because the moon is more a more romantic symbol of the power of the moon to instill energy in romance into ones life.

    I was unable to translate your poem tinto english. I would appreciate if you could add a WordPress translant in your blog .if you so choose.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


  2. Truly mesmerizing poem. Something really new and different.
    I liked the introduction and how you tried to correlate moon with a male character.


  3. Achha likha hai
    Ye AUR bhi Sundar ho sakta tha agar Kuch chhota hota
    Writer jitna cum likhta hai utna hi bikhrane se Bach Jaya hai.
    Jaise ek painter pure safed panne par ek ‘dot’ lagakar chhod deta hai alochna ke liye. Vo koi daag samjhe dhabba samjhe ya mile stone. Aapne space chhodni hai. “Gap” NAHI

    May be I am wrong.


  4. Beautifully penned. The moon and love have somehow been entangled since ages. I like that you wrote beautifully on it.

    xoxo – C
    Style.. A Pastiche!


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