The throne of our home

“The throne of our home” is a poem dedicated to all Husbands. We often find a lot of praises done for the wife and what she does for her family, but in all that, sometimes the role played by the husbands, gets lost somewhere.

This poem not only tries to show that, but also shows the maturity of a relationship, and how both handle their relationship. Any relationship needs time, and if you can give your time wholeheartedly, your love will gradually shine.

Your eyes and your smile, speaks a thousand lines,
And when I know that I am the reason for it, I automatically shine.

It was not a matter of haste, 
We have spent days to understand each other's taste.

We have not just spent time together, 
We have created time (moments) for each other.

Maturity - childishness, I found both in you, 
All the roles were very well played by you.

Days, months, years, decades and their pain, tried to break us,
But our love, kept on strengthening the bond between us.
There were some ups, there were some downs, 
But you always helped me, to balance my crown.

Your smile, kept the pain hidden from us, giving us no clue,
So that our family can be away from every blue.

Problems were never a part of our home,
This makes me proud, that you hold, the throne of our home.

- Deepika Janiyani

Since you are already here, please do leave your views on this poem in the comment section below.

The actual inspiration with which I started this poem were some random pictures from “Breakfast with Santa”. When I see the pictures of “Santa and Mrs claus” it automatically drives me towards love between them shown in the pictures below.


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  1. It’s damn beautiful…
    Thanks a lot for this lovely update. I am obliged, shall share it with my husband.


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