I want to decorate our home

“I want to decorate our home” is an imaginary poem, where one partner tries to explain the other partner on the different ways, she wants to decorate their home.

This is one of the most cutest or I should say the most romantic poem, I have ever written. The lines are not just made up words, but a feeling put into words.

The most special line in this poem is, “There will be a dim light in every corner, To remind you that I am still there with you, when I am not in that corner”. My name (Deepika) means light, so I just want him to realize, whenever I am not around a light at each corner will make him feel me.

The poem goes as follows,

I want to decorate our home, not just with stuffs, 	 	 
But with things that make us. 	 	 

There will be a dim light in every corner, 	 	 
To remind you that I am still there with you, when I am not in that corner. 	 	 

There will be different colors on the walls, in the form of Butterflies, flowers & hearts all around, 	 	 
To add a smile on your face whenever you see around. 	 	 

There will be our pictures on the staircase, 	 	 
That will remind us of all the ups and downs of our love phase. 	 	 

I may - may not be there, but you will always find something in the kitchen to eat, 	 	 
That will make you feel how much I care for your heartbeat. 	 	 

When you will be there in the study, working late night, 	 	 
There will be a fireplace, to keep you warm in the cold winter night. 	 	 

Our garden will be decorated with flowers, of all seasons, 	 	 
Reminding you that "I love you" for so many different reasons.	 	 

There is so much to say, but I don't know how to say, 	 	 
Let some imaginations be left unsaid, so that your thoughts can give us the way.

– Deepika Janiyani

Do leave your views on this poem in the comment section below.

Some Imaginations when converted into picture would like this…


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