How important is it to plan your death

“Should we plan for our Death?” The first thing that pops into one’s mind on hearing this sentence would be, what a negative thought it is. But don’t think about the thoughts popping up in your mind and try to understand my thought behind this question.

Let’s go a few days back from where this thought originated. Two years back, I had moved my blog to a self-hosted WordPress, its renewal date is scheduled for mid-September. Due to some other financial priorities, I was planning to delay the renewal of the hosting, I knew very well that if it was not purchased on time, then the files will be deleted after a couple of days. While thinking about this a thought came up in my mind, that if someday I am not there anymore, and the people associated with my life have no clue on the how to renew and maintain my blog, then there will come a point where my blog will not exist anymore.

The first thing I did after this was moving my blog back to the, where I will be restricted with some features, but at least no one will have trouble maintaining it after my death.

This was just one such thought, in our day to day lives there are so many things or decisions which we take thinking about the current situation, and without thinking what the future will be, but are those decisions worth it?

We all dream to have a dream house, we go ahead and take home loans and pay heavy EMI’s for it. But have we ever thought that if unfortunately if we are not around, will someone from among our family will be able to pay the EMI or not? Then in such a scenario that dream house becomes a trouble. What we can do to handle this should be, we should have a good life insurance policy, by claiming which our family can settle the loan.

But buying a life insurance policy is not only enough. Have we ever read the terms and condition of the same? There are so many details that need to be taken care of, the name of the nominee, etc. Most of us have pet name or the name on our documents and the name we call each other are different. The birth dates on documents and actual are different. Most of the time we don’t think about all this and just add the nominee details in the document and forget about it. Many of the times in our bachelorhood, the nominees are different, or no nominee is added. If we are keeping our children as nominee, we forget to add proper guardians, when they are young, we forget to update these details in the policies, and when we are gone, our family has to struggle to sort all this out.

We buy claims or other policies or the tax saving plans or our office PF, and forget to tell about them to our family. With computerization, all these plans can be opened online and we forget to keep a document or a reference of the same at our home. We plan all this for our family members, but how can we think that they will benefit from this, if they are not even aware about this. Our emails were a copy of these documents are shared, does anyone from our family knows the passwords of the same?

Likewise, there are “n” number of things, for which we don’t create a backup, and trust we will be there to take care about the same, but when we are not around who will take care of them if they are not well aware about the same?

The next thought that comes up is, in the early phase of life, is anyone worth sharing all these details? Many of the times these details can be misused due to anger or betrayer, or any reason. Then what should actually be done?

The only thing that I personally feel would be worth it is preparing a will. We should try and work with a lawyer to prepare a will. Even when the will is prepared, we should keep it up to date with the inclusion of the new members of the family.

If that’s difficult, we should keep a document of the assets we have and share it with at least one member who is worth the trust.

Though planning for death is not a positive thought, but negative-negatives make a positive.

If you all have some more thoughts on this or some better solution or feedback, please feel free to share the same in the comment section below.


3 thoughts on “How important is it to plan your death

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  1. Well…one such thought came to my mind when I was absent from school and my friend were missing me. I thought what will happen if I die today. I was only imagining the condition of everyone who knows me, even my blog readers.


  2. And this is really important. Make sure your family know where your will is, along with other important documents like insurance policies and bank records. Otherwise, they’ll have to search through all of your stuff looking for them after you die, or even have to phone round loads of lawyers to see who has a copy of everything.


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