And everything will be fixed back

“And everything will be fixed back” is a poem which I had written at a hospital, when my dad was fighting between life and death. It’s a poem based on trust that a person keeps on God, when he is trying to save things which mean a-lot for him…

I had written this poem because I wanted to take out everything that was in my mind, and that was one phase of life, when I had no one to talk about it, because I didn’t wanted to talk with anyone about it. That was a phase I had to be strong, so that I can fix everything back as it was…

Earlier I didn’t want to publish this poem, but then with time I realized, the feelings and thoughts I am holding back are stopping me back from writing, so at last I decided to publish this out, so that I can replace those thoughts with some new thoughts, that others can enjoy reading…

All that I want to convey to my readers with this poem is, please respect and love your parents, when they are alive, take out time for them. After all, we never know what life will bring next to us, we never know how cruel life can be for us. Here goes the poem…

They say silence says it all,
But your silence is killing us all...

The journey we traveled is not so easy, to walk,
Especially in a situation where there is nobody to talk...

It's not a journey of a day,
Even months and a year have changed...

With all the hopes and risks we are here,
And we know when God is there, there is nothing to fear...

But our hearts are made so soft,
That even with a pinch of trouble, they melt out...

We know success if near,
And all the grays will get clear...

And then there will be a day, when you will be alright and back,
With us, and everything will be fixed back...

- Deepika Janiyani

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