Marriage, the biggest fear any girl has in her heart.

It’s not because she has doubts on how she will manage the things coming up, but because she knows what she is leaving behind and going.

Though how so ever supportive her second family may be, but when she is placed with a choice to choose one, she mostly has to choose the second one.

All this, somehow or the other adds a fear to her life.

This poem tries to show that fear, in words that can’t be clear. In the second part of the poem, she tries to convince herself, that things will just be the same; her dreams will still be the same.


विदाई, ये कहते – कहते मेरी आँख भर आती थी…

सपने जो मेरे माँ-बाप ने संजोये थे, पूरे वो कहीं हो रहे थे…
एक डर था सीने में मेरे, जुदा हम जो हो रहे थे…

मेरी हर गलती को ढक लेती थी आँचल तले, इस तरह माँ मुझे सवार लेती थी…
बापू प्यार करते थे, शब्दों मे बयां नही करते थे…

दोस्तो की एक दुनिया थी, मस्ती मे भाई बहन भी मुझे शामिल कर लेते थे…
ऐसे, सब को संजो के, एक दुनिया मैंने बसाई थी…

पराई होने चली अब मैं, दुनिया नही भुलाई थी…
वो कल भी अपने ही रहेंगे, जो कल अपने थे, मेरे सपने थे…

जुदा हम जो हो रहे थे…
मेरे अपने तो वो ही रहेंगे, आख़िर मेरे सपने तो वोही थे…


The poem says, “विदाई” (A farewell phase, when a girl leaves her home and goes to her husband’s home).

Even when I speak this word, it brings tears to my eyes. Though the dreams that my mom dad had seen for me, where about to get fulfilled, but there is a fear in my heart, because I know I have to get apart.

My mother used to hide my mistakes; and then used to correct me, and likewise she made me a better person. Though my dad loved me a lot, but he was never able to put this into words.

With my friends, I used to live a different world; and sometimes my siblings also used to include me in their secret world. By collecting all these small kind of worlds, I had created my own world.

And now when I am getting away from this world, I can’t forget this world.

Those things/people will still be the same, the ones that where mine, not just mine, but my dreams.

Though we are getting apart, my relations with everyone will be the same, as they where yesterday, and this was what I used to always dream for.

Hope you liked it; if so please steal some of your moments to drop a comment below :).

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