Happy Third Anniversary

An anniversary always adds a special value to your relationship, and may it be any no of years, I am still crazy about it.

Well I am also lucky enough, that I have to share this anniversary with someone who is and always with me. It’s the anniversary of my journey, a journey that I had started on 21-Feb-2012, and here my partner is none other than my Blog. Yes it’s my Blog’s third anniversary. And though it can’t wish me the same, but what can be better than, it quietly listen’s to whatever I say.

Super excited I am about this day; it’s like a dream come true. Today when I go back and think about this, I can’t imagine how I have reached this place.

With no expectations I had started this blog, I had never thought I will be able to add so many Articles or poems to it, I had never thought people will like the articles or poems, and the most important thing is I never thought I can write. Yes I never believed I can. Things just happened as though they were planned by thee.

Since three years, my Blog has been with me during all my white and grey, it has kept my deepest pain and the craziest smile engraved in words, it had never made me felt alone in the world, even on the saddest day of my life, just opening the link of my site, adds value to my smile.

In school when teachers used to say, you should have a hobby; I had a question, but why. And today I got the answer to it. Your hobby doesn’t only add a smile to your life, but it enhances you and your life. And if I had the authority, I would have declared 21st Feb as `National Hobby Day`. Yes my friends, it’s that important to have a hobby, as important it is to live. Your hobby keeps the `YOU` inside you alive, and never lets you get lost in the crowd of the world.

Ahh… too emotional the words have become till now, but today even all the emotions of the world can’t define what I am feeling.

If it would not had been `Vijay Sir`, deepikajaniyani.wordpress.com would be a dream, that I never would have dreamt of. It makes me wonder, it makes me proud, when I type the domain name in my `browsers address bar` and it was he who found out that I had the writing worm inside me.

If it would not been Him Sir, Preety Maam and Sisnolabs, I would have never known how WordPress works or even each part of the website is configured, everything they had thought me had always helped me around.

I still remember how I was discussing with Sahil about the tag line of my blog, and at last we corrected and finalized the tag line to be `Mere Jubani, shabdo ke Udaan`, and Aniket who finalized the spelling of the Hindi version of it `मेरी जुबानी, शब्दों की उड़ान`.

It was Jitu Sai, who made me realized, that WordPress in the URL was not giving the personal touch to the domain name. If something is yours it should reflect the same, and finally after discussion with Vijay Sir I planned to purchase my domain.

All was good until I realized I didn’t have a Credit Card to purchase my domain name, and WordPress.com, accepts only Credit card and paypal account. With a sad face I discussed this with Sankalp, and without any second thought he said I will purchase it from my credit card and you can pay me later. This is how my blog got its name.

Though WordPress was giving a lot of functionality, but it was restricting me with the design and other functionality, and I wanted my blog to have the wings and fly, so I finalized to purchase the hosting, Bigrock helped me out with that, but what about my followers, aah I don’t want to miss them, to which Jetpack plugin helped me out.

At this time I planned to design my visiting card, to which a logo was very important, Aishwarya and Prashant and Printvenue helped me to sort that out.

Then was a tough part, now my site is with Google analytics and he suggested me that my text being in image format was not reaching up to people. It was then I realized I had to convert all my poems images to text and improve on SEO. Both the things are still pending.

It was Vikas and Vaibhav who suggested the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin, and all three of them have added value to the blog ranking.

But being a developer I was never happy with the design of my site, since I used to get to see so many new designs each day, it Enigma Theme who gave the look, and it is Atish who helped me to finalized all this around, with him I can discuss about every part of my blog.

This is how these three years passed around, but in between these three years, somethings that had not changed where my Cousins, friends and students.

Ankita, Avinash, Chhavi, Deepika, Kanchan, Kavita, Narendra, Neha, Nisha, Pooja, Preeti, Priyank, Priyanka, Snehal, Sneha, Suhas, Rajan, Rupali, Vidhi, Vikash, Vinnet, who have always been besides me in all time. Ankita it was you who suggested me quillpad.com, and Sachin suggested me how to use the max from translate.google.com. Amarpal who made me realize, I should write something for future also. Pooja, Rajan, I still remember how I discuss about the dreams I have about my blog wit you, the last time we talked.

Ashutosh, Deepika, Kritika, Srinivas who always inspire me to write. David Wallace who made me realize the quality of work I write, and what impact it adds to others life. Sushil who always keeps scolding and correcting me so that I should never spoil anything in confidence, this is the reason I respect you.

My students where always a source for happiness for me, Souvik, Ekta, Pooja, Mohini, Shruti, Carlton all are just full of life, and have always been for me throughout. Souvik is one such person, who knows how to add smile to my face always. My first teacher, Anne aunty, is still with me with the same attachment, that she had on my first day to school. SJC was a wonderful experience, Elan was the best experience ever, Rozina Maam, Sarita Maam, Suchitra Maam, Rakesh Sir, Chandani Maam I still remember all those wonderful things you taught me, and what Elan has contributed to my personality, you all enhanced the confidence hidden inside me.

Karishma di and Tirth Bhaiya who had the confidence in me, and published my poems in `Vivek Vandan` newspaper. Manju who keeps on making me realize what impact which word is making in a context, how duplicate words should be avoided, and the most important one, read your content with a readers perspective.

And last but not the least my Lord my Mom, who taught me everything, guided me throughout the whole journey, fought for me and loved me. wish… She is the one who still corrects my spelling mistakes in hindi words, after redefining it with translate.google.com, and Vijay Sir with whose guidance I keep on improving throughout.

And today, after writing this article I realized how many people I have to thank to. Facebook, Twitter, Linkiden, Google, Add This Etc are also there in the thanks list. If you all had not been a part of my life, it would have been very difficult to reach this part of my life, and from here a new part begins, where a lot of experience to be achieved.

Thanks to all of you and all the readers, who have helped me to reach this phase, and for making this blog. Yes you have made this blog. David, Suruchi, Hitzy are few people who never forget to read any post.

If you want to add anything about the journey of three years, please do so at the GuestBook.

Happy Third Anniversary my Blog, Love you.


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