Let us salute the real Heroes

We have often heard / discussing people about the upcoming events like Friendship day, Valentine day, etc… but have we ever heard people talking about Army day…

Yes, I said Army Day, don’t be shocked there is a day called `Army` day, which is an official event of India, where as Valentine, Friendship day etc are inherited from other countries.

Army Day is celebrated on 15th Jan, each year, to salute the valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the country and the people living in it.

And 90% of us are those people who don’t even know that there is any such kind of day that is celebrated.

This year (2015), India will be celebrating its 67th Army Day, 67th day, and still no recognition, wake up India, it’s too late now.

इतना तो कभी हम अपने घर वालो के लिए भी न्ही करते, जितना एक दिन मे एक सॅनिक अपने देश के लिए करता है…

Motherland is what we all call India, but only our soldiers have taken it seriously. Just to serve our motherland, they leave behind their mothers in tears, and for years they don’t see their peers.

Just that the children of India should have a sound sleep, they leave behind the smile of their own kids. Years after years, not seeing your child grow, what does this costs to them, we don’t know.

These days with the trends, people don’t go to work for the next few days of the month after their marriage, but a solider sometimes have to leave his newly wedded wife, just for an emergency or a riot created by people like us.

We have riots on castes, and all stupid things in the world, where as we never ask a solider his caste when he saves us from the same riot.

जब कॅस्ट जिंदगी का कारन न्ही बनती, तो मौतका कारन क्यू हे?

We often face riots and other such illogical issues on the name of caste, and say we have learned those things from our holy books, where as the fact is, if we truly read any holy book, none of our caste / holy books in the world teaches us to fight, to kill each other etc, all they teach us, is to live like a better human…

जब धर्म का मतलब सिर्फ मानवता ही रह जाएगा, उसदिन इंसान, इंसान हो जायेगा…

Well in this article, our focus is not to focus on casteism, what I actually wanted to say was, that we should avoid such topics to create riots and all, because ultimately it is troubling everyone, and at the end of the day it’s the Army people, who have to work back and forth to sync everything to get back to normal. They are the ones who have to face terrorist that create issues on name of caste and they are the ones who lose their lives.

It’s very important for all of us to value the Army people around us because of multiple reasons.

We all choose our professions in such a manner that at the end of the day they should be of profit to us in all the aspects of live, i.e. money, food, house etc.
But none of this gets applied to a soldier, maybe he might be getting the desired amount for his bread and butter, but how worth it is if he has to comprise his family life for all this. On the name of house he just has tent, which keeps on moving from here to there and at the end of the day, he lands nowhere.

We never go out of our comfort zone and work for additional hours at our office, and if we do, we need compensation, but during wars, or any activity going on in the country, a solider never even things about his rest, all he knows is that first things should be all well.

No person is forced to be a soldier, he chooses to be one, and for whom for his country, for the people who live in his country, and what we do, we never realize this and live our live with all the luxuries, but we will not be able to enjoy any luxury, if they would have not scarified their luxury for us.

Just like when the watchman is their around the building, we don’t worry about anything and have a sound sleep, it’s the soldier who is there to protect our country, and due to him, we get to enjoy the luxury.

All I just want to say to all of you is, is respect the soldiers, and try to contribute some amount of happiness to their lives in any way you can, and if you can’t do anything, just appreciate them, when you meet any solider any day… एक सल्यूट तो बनता है

All I want to say to all the soldiers is, we are really proud of you… Let us salute the real Heroes… Happy Army Day…


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