हाँ मैंने लोगों को बदलते हुए देखा है

“हाँ मैंने लोगों को बदलते हुए देखा है” – is a poem, which shows people change by time, regardless of how so ever good you have been with them.

The lines of the poem are as follows, “I have seen a bud getting transformed to a Rose, the same way I have seen people changing.

Everyone is associated to you for a selfish reason, once that reason is achieved, I have seen people leaving there relations.

When they are sad and alone, they come to you for your support and once they are happy they forget you, they forget what you have done for them and leave you to give you the pain you helped them recover with.

The person who was with you like a mirror to make you smile, I have seen people breaking the same mirror. The person who was desperate for one moment of your’s, starts to trouble you for there each moment.

Even if the plant where you had grown had thorns in it, those thorns where there to protect you. After getting away from that plant I have seen you loosing yourself.

The flower that was blossoming yesterday, I have seen it dying today, yes I have seen people changing everyday.” ha maine logo ko badalte hue dekha hai


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