काश खामोशिया भी बाते करती…

“काश खामोशिया भी बाते करती” (how wonderful it would have been, if silence could speak…)

This is an emotional poem, where one of the partner is not able to share his/her feeling to the other one, because of some reasons.

What he tries to say is, “There are dreams inside my heart, which I see can be completed only with you, just look into my eyes and say what you can see, what I can see is that my world is in-complete without you.

If ever I get angry on you, its basically to make you realize that what I actually like, is just being with you. Even your slightest present, makes me forget my pain. Whenever you come in front of me, a smile steals away all my dreams, and why shall i dream, when you are a reality in my life, no other dream matters in front of it.

I wish I could say all this to you, I wish silence could speak for me…”

दिल मे अरमान अधूरे से है,
तेरे साथ लगते मुझे पूरे से है…

मेरी आँखो मे देख, तुझे क्या लगता है,
मुझे तो तेरे बिना ये जहाँ अधूरा लगता है…

कभी जो रूठती हू तुझसे तो इस लिये,
समझ सके तू, मुझे तो तेरा ही साथ सुहाना लगता है…

काश तू ये समझ ले कभी,
मेरे गमो को सुकून तेरी आहत दे जाती है…

तुम जब सामने आ जाते हो कभी,
एक मुस्कान चुरा ले जाती है मेरे ख्वाब सभी…

जब तुम हो हक़ीकत मेरी ज़िंदगी की,
क्यू देखु मै ख्वाब और कोई…

काश कह पाती मै ये सब कभी,
काश खामोशिया भी बाते करती…


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