हाँ मेरे लबों को मुस्कुराना तुम्ही सीखाते हो – Poem on Friend

“हाँ मेरे लबों को मुस्कुराना तुम्ही सीखाते हो” (Its you who teaches my lips to smile), is a special poem for me, as it is specially written for one of my very close friend.

It basically describes the importance of a best friend in your life.

For those who can’t read Hindi, the description is as follows,

“If ever my doll used to gets broken my dad used to get a new doll for me, but you have taught me how to live with the pain of the broken doll.

You show way to the dreams I had to fly, on the same time you correct my footsteps whenever I am on a wrong track.

Its you who makes me feel, that though I fall someday, I will rise and achieve my destiny.

Though each dream is not a reality, still you try to decorate the broken pieces of my dreams.

Whenever I lose my hope, its you who brings it back.

Even if my partner doesn’t supports me its you who stands by me.

Its you who doesn’t changes like the season of my life and makes my lips smile…”

ha mere labon ko


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