Identify Yourself

Identify Yourself – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – An all time famous phrase and a true one…

There are many people in this world who lack confidence and think that they are not beautiful / smart etc… Even I was one of them, but with time I realized beauty is not in the appearance, its in your attitude and thoughts.

Consider a girl, even if she is the most beautiful girl in the world and she thinks that she is not beautiful, will she look beautiful?

Consider another incident, if a girl is going along the way at a dark night, she is very scared and nervous, while traveling the way any troublesome person can tease / trouble her because nervousness shows up on her face, on the other hand if a very confident girl is going through that way, any person will think once before teasing her, because her attitude reflects that she can protect herself and is not afraid.

I recently traveled to one of place around India, in which the reaching time of the train was around 3 a.m. midnight, many of my friends asked me aren’t you afraid, well the answer was yes I am afraid, but I have the bad habit of carrying a smile at my face which never shows what inside my heart or mind. Throughout the journey and even after reaching there not even a single person tried to trouble me because my face reflected that I am not concerned of what is happening around me.

identifyThings are never planned, in life you can come across any kind of incident and the worst thing is when life takes it exam it doesn’t gives you time to prepare, so the best thing you can do is Identify yourself, learn to behave happy in sad moments.

Learn to mask your negative thoughts behind the positive one, learn to mask your emotions.

Thinking that you are not beautiful / smart or good enough to do something will not help you in anything, instead thinking that yes you are the one will help you in long run. Unless and until you don’t see the confidence / beauty in your own eyes no one else can see that because you are not showing it to them.

If you yourself can’t see yourself as a beautiful person, or like yourself, then how will the world do so, moreover if someone doesn’t likes you, its their problem not your’s.

We all know, Rolls Royce & Mercedes doesn’t have any commercials…
Reason: they know the value of there own products… and that brings customers to them…
Lesson: When you know your value…
You don’t have to beg people to be in your life…
To be friends with you…
To spend time with you…
Or to love you…
Be who you are…
Remember NOT EVERYONE can handle the Luxury…

Be yourself, Identify yourself…


2 thoughts on “Identify Yourself

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  1. Deepika, you’ve hit the bulls eye with this post 🙂
    Wanna read many more posts in future 🙂
    Keep going 🙂


  2. One of the most motivational yet practical article i had read… Example of branded car to support ur veiw was practical.. Keep it up , wuld like to read some more !!


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