Express! You are not a machine…

express yourself

There are many other flowers that are more beautiful than rose. Still rose is the most appreciated flower among everyone of us, ever wondered why? It’s because of its fragrance, i.e. because it expresses what it has within it. Same is the case with humans and their emotions, it is very important for us to express what’s within us, not to get appreciation from the people but to maintain whatever relation we have with the people around us.

Mostly what people do is, in the initial phase of any relation, they express everything and then start taking things for granted. This gesture starts spoiling the relation just like a rotten apple, and what a rotten apple does, everyone of us knows very well, it doesn’t only spoils itself but also the surrounding apples, i.e. due to not expressing feelings we don’t spoil one single relation but we spoil many other relations that are associated to that relation. And this happens with any kind of relation.

A general question that I would like to ask everyone, if you are giving an exam, and suppose you are doing your 12th standard exam, a question is asked to you that you had already answered the same question in any of the lower standard, then what do you do? Does it happen that you don’t answer that question saying that you had already answered that question in your lower standard? No, what we do is answer that question again because we want to pass the exam and this time we answer it in a better way because we have more knowledge regarding that topic due to experience.  Am I correct? Then why do we forget this with our relations, don’t we need to pass their?

Now consider the most common relationship that is referred when we speak about relationships, its couples, now it can be any couple, married or unmarried, each couple celebrate their first valentine with a lots of enthusiasm, and then for the next time, everyone thinks that what we have to do we have already done everything in the first time.  Does a valentine day skip your calendar saying you have already expressed. No, this means we should not stop expressing our feelings towards any relation.

Most of the times when we are small what our parents used to say to us, used to hurt us. Later when we grew up we understood, what actually things are, and usually we share this with our friends, but do we go back home and express it to our parents? Do we every say to them that if you would have not stopped me at that time I would be in a mess today. No we never say all this.

A trouble in any relationship starts when a man gets so busy earning his salt that his sugar (family) feels that they are not needed, and remember low sugar is also not good for health, each thing should be balanced.

By expressing yourself, you are not doing favor to someone else, but actually you are helping yourself, because it’s your own relationship that will sweeten. Expressing yourself makes you feel more complete and helps you to bridge the gap between relations. Money can buy everything for you, but it can’t buy for you the satisfaction that you get when you sleep in your mother’s lap, the happiness you feel when your child calls you ‘Maa’ or ‘Papa’ for the first time. Something’s can never be replaced, because at the end of the day everyone wants to go home, if money was happiness then why would we like to go home from office, we can spend our live at office also.  Think about it.

Remember no one of us like our things to get robbed by someone, similarly never ever let your silence steal away your relations from you that are your actual happiness.


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