What am I

what am i doing with my life Usually we spent our whole life comparing it to others, and felling low about what we don’t have etc, we lack self confidence and on that if someone says something about us we lose our confidence, this is a very bad thing.

Unless you don’t have trust on yourself no one else can do anything for you, it can only be your confidence that can make you achieve something.

As the tradition goes, in which we used to teach small children something by telling them stories, I just wanted to share a small story with you all…

Once upon a time there was no water in a village the farmer used to carry two buckets and go to the well outside to bring water for his farm. Out of the two buckets one bucket had a small hole in it, due to which water used to fall on the soil. This continued for some time, after sometime the other bucket said to the bucket with hole, that you are useless, and you are not true to your owner and that you waste the water and spoils his efforts. Listing to this that bucket was very sad, and told the farmer that you should throw me and I am not useful. To which the farmer replied, don’t be sad, the side on which I hold you, I had sown the seeds of Flowers, each day you added water to them and reduced my efforts of manually watering them, and see today we have such a beautiful garden out there.

“No one is useless its just that they are used-less”, so never think about yourself like that. Find out your dream, work on your hobby and make the best use of yourself and time. Just imagine that even a small bucket with hole can do so much for the society so what we all can do for the world. Even if you can’t do something for your society, do it for your family, even if you can’t do something for them do it for yourself. Keep yourself happy, don’t complain for everything, accept life the way it comes and try to make your life worth remembering…


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