बालक से सीखने वाला ज्ञान – Things to learn from a child


As cute this picture is, so cute is the message that it tries to give, i.e. the child is teaching something to the world, by wearing the clothes which commonly saints wear and holding a big book in his hand.

I have tried to explain the same thing, in my words, I can’t say poem, as it is not a poem, but a collection of small liners. The actual lines are in Roman Hindi in the below image, and the translation for the same is as follows.

Many a times we roam here and there in the search of knowledge, but we often fail to realize that a child has an ocean of knowledge which he shows from his action and there is a lot that we can learn from him.

The child says, have a look at my face, its filled with a light that can glow the whole world, though I am like a straw in this world, but still I don’t worry about everything and live my life peacefully.

Though there is a lot of sorrow in this world, a lot of problems but I always wear a smile on my face, this doesn’t mean that I am unaware of the reality/pain. I am aware, but I also know that by wearing a smile I can give inspiration and hope to others.

Anyone who comes to me, I see them all as equal, I share the same love and respect for everyone, moreover I don’t keep any greed from any one nor do I have any attachment with anyone.

I live my life in with my own fantasy world, I rarely worry about how people react on my deeds, I just live my life because, if I start worrying about the world, my time would then be spent in worrying not living, and life is for living.

Whenever I think of achieving something, I achieve it anyhow, I have a passion of myself to achieve that thing and until I achieve it I never quit, and for this I am self motivated, I don’t need anyone’s else motivation or support.

I am always busy doing something; I have no time to waste. Nor do I have fear for tomorrow, because tomorrow will come tomorrow, but the time that I am spending now, will never come back again.

These where some simple tips for living life, that we can easily learn from a child. There is a lot more to learn, it just depends upon us, that how good student we are.



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