This poem is about relationship and time, basically it shows time keeps on flowing and we get so busy in our world that we don’t realize what we are losing until it’s too late. A short description of the Roman Hindi lines of poem is as below.

The first stanza says, when I thought about it, then I realized, time is passing out like sand from my hand, the way the needles/hands of watch has to come back, even I have to come back to the point I started my journey.

The plant that I had potted in my corridors has grown into a tree; it’s my fault if the fruits of the plant are not sweet because I had not given it enough time and attention that it required.

I was so lost in my problems/work that I created a different world for me, when I look back I realize, where the time is and where I am.

The relations that I had created long back, I was never able to judge them, rather I should say feel them, or live them, I was losing everything in finding nothing.

Even with the most simple relationship in my life, like friendship, my friend is with me since years, but I was never able to realize that it has been so long, it felt that just a year has passed, but it was a-lot of time.

I was so lost in my problems, that I was not able to solve anything, and today when I know what I have lost, I realize that “Never lose yourself in your problems / work so deep, that later it’s difficult for you to find yourself”.



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