Dil me ek dard hai…

Dil me ek dard hai – This poem tries to explain the pain of a person, who is misunderstood by his near and dear ones, only because he is trying to brighten up their lives. He has a pain in his heart but the pain can’t find words to express itself as it is given by his near and dear ones. He has suffocation in each heart beat; but simultaneously he has a smile on his face as he has to brighten up the faces of others. The one’s whom we consider as our near and dear; also fail to understand us, as they are busy in their own world. How will relations stand, if everyone has their ego on top priority.

Hereafter the person is indirectly compared to a candle/lamp.

Whenever we lit a lamp, the lamp burns itself to provide light to others, in between if we play with that lamp and our hand gets burn we should not blame the lamp, as it was just providing light only, then why where we troubling / teasing it. It’s wrong to get jealous of the light it provides, because we don’t have the knowledge of the burning it has to face to brighten up the life of others, we can’t bear its burning, and the fact is that it can’t explain its burning to others. How much light it may provide to others, the rule of the world is that, it will always have darkness inside it, a darkness that never has a morning, and a loneliness which has no words.



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