Wake up India…

India… stop being KUMBHAKARNA, get up, its time to become ARJUN, and fight for our country… “If you can’t fight for what you want, Don’t cry for what you loose”Lines by Lord Krishna, Bhagvat Gita…

Watched 2012 yesterday, its an awesome movie… a-lot to learn from it… and the most important thing is…

They used the same concept which is there in our holy books…! That the world was about to end, and like Lord Vishnu took the avtar of Matsya(Fish) and with the help of King Manu prepared a ship to escape some humans, sages, animals of each species etc… they used the same concept in a technical way. The story is there in our holy books… you can read the whole story in Wiki, other links at bottom of page.

This is why India is back in everything we have forgotten our roots and tying to adapt someone else culture…

They used our roots and created such a hit movie… so just think if we use our roots where we will be…

Its wrong to blame any politician for things that are going wrong in our country, he didn’t woke up and became the President like this only, it was that not passover to him like it happens in kingdoms. We all choose him and made him what e is today, so we have no rights to blame him. When without our efforts he can’t be a politician similarly without our efforts he can’t do anything good for the country, because who is doing mistakes is us not him, we give and that’s why there is corruption, I prepared all my documents by myself and had never had to give bribe to anyone for the same, and trust me it was not so difficult, we don’t need brokers and agents for anything, stop bribing. The growing rape cases, what we do is only when something goes wrong we take a candle and move out on roads… nothing else, after that even if a guy is teasing a girl no one does anything except watching the scene… at this time we forget our National Anthem, “India is my country, All Indians are my brothers and sisters…” fine she is not your sister but she is someone’s sister… The time we start fighting for others is the time we start living… “Khud ke liye to sab jite hai, kabhi kise aur ke liye je ke dekho… ek alag maza hai, ek alag nasha hai… nasha bhi aisa jo ke dua hai…”

Castisim is worstism, you know what makes us INDIAN… Look at the image below…


No one in the world can get this unity and variety that God has blessed us with. Don’t try to be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh etc, try to be an Indian, rather try to be a Human

We all are wasting lakhs for the pandal decorations for the festival seasons, aaahhhh waste of money… “Pathar ke pooja se khush hone wala bhagwan, show-piece ke pooja se kaise khush hoga.” and I believe only illiterates can do this kind of stupidity… Sorry for my words… but instead of that, even if one family contributes and take the responsibility of teaching an illiterate, India will be in flying colours in the next few months… we have to give efforts else we have nothing to give to our children’s… The next generation will only be in depth of Dollar… better bring it down…

When we can’t do big things lets do something small, Common let’s join a social cause… let’s raise our Rupee… don’t forget its OUR Rupees… We belong to a country which was called SONE KE CHIDIYA.

Avoid using foreign products… and reduce export… use our natural n Ayurveda products publicize them and increase export…

I am a personal user of Patanjali Products… they are awesome, there is no such disease for which it dosen’t has ayurvedic medicines, forget that, its beauty products are wonderful, no other face-wash has done such wonders to my skin, compared to what these products do, go and checkout a pitanjali store near you, it has Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, creams, shampoo conditioners, all masalas, salt, and what not… check-up at pitanjali shops is also free of cost you only have to pay for medicines… These products have a great demand out of India, and we people are so stupid that we don’t value them, apnie chizo ke logo ko value nhi hoti unless we loose them… Just tell me agar foreign products itne ache hote, to vo log aake hume apne products kyu bechte hai, because export rules say that, when your country need is fulfilled the rest products are sold out, no one uses them there islye they are targeting Indian market… and we are bhole bhale(innocent) Indians who get into what ever others say, and forget to use our brains, we live for short term enjoyment think of long term and think what disadvantages these products are having for us.

Beside pitanjali products you can,

  • Drink fresh juices, lemon juice, lassi etc inteast of can products, we have so many Indian varity for drinks, try to kar ke dekho yaar.
  • Use cinthol,santoor,medimix, neem soaps, I personally use Patanjali soaps
  • Use Neem, babool, vicco, dabur toothpastes
  • Use toothbrushes of prudent,ajanta,promise
  • For shaving cream godrej ,emami, vjohn
  • Blade – supermax,topaz,laser,ashoka
  • Talcum powder- Use santoor,gokul,cinthol,boroplus
  • Milk powder – Why we need milk powder when we have Fresh milk… still you can use Indiana,amul,amulya’ verka
  • Shampoo- Nirma, Velvette
  • Mobile connections- Use bsnl,airtel,reliance
  • Food- Eat at jay bhavani, TGB, local restaurants
  • Mobile micromax, karbonn,virgin
  • Bikes- Use hero, royal enfield
  • Footwear- Use bata, chavda
  • Jeans and shirts Use spykar, k-lounge
  • Watch Use titan, sonata ,fasttrack

Even if we start using one thing out of these doller will fall, someone risies because we allow them to do, “Jaise hum bacho ko datte hai taki vo sir pe na char jae, don’t let a foreign currency let us down…” In 1970 1$ = Rs. 4, Today 1$ = Rs. 60.50, Estimated 1$ by end of the year = Rs. 70. Dollar is not getting stronger but rupee is getting weaker & nobody else is responsible except us!

Rest is up to us, whether we know only to blame or to do something…

Jago India Jago…

I didn’t meant to disrespect any currency or products by my article, I am just gathering respect for our Rupees and our Products.

Besides this do one of the below thing.

tumblr_m4fqjnYgtJ1r84dvco1_500 06rape
speak-up respect-women03
racism-wrong1 130823144724-irpt-india-protest-afp-getty-story-top-story-top
obey-giant-18-defend-equality_big racism hands
14515 1970-dalit

Links to find more about Matsya, Vishnu ji’s avtar…


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  14. Nice views…

    Forced to make the re-thinking to our Indian Standards & culture again…..

    Hope we all learn & apply it to our daily life…

    Thanks for sharing….


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