Dukh to sacha hai yaroo…

Dukh to sacha hai yaroo…

For all Non-hindi readers, a short translation of the poem is given below, this translation is not poetic, it just describes the content of the poem.

ख़ुशीया बॉटने के लिए, कई लोग साथ आते है।

बिना किसी तोल – मोल के, दिल की बाते बयान की जाती है ।

खुशी का वो एक पल, बस यो ही बीत जाता है ।

कही से फिर एक पल आता है, साथ अपने अंधेरा लाता है ।

उस अंधेरे मे, ऱोशनी वो हमे दिखाता है ।

जिस के साथ धंटो बैठ के दुनिया की गप शप करते है ।

दुख मे हाल पूछने के लिए भी उनहे वकत निकालना पडता है ।

ना जाने कयो लोग दुख से डरते है, सच तो वो हमे दिखाता है ।

मेहफिल मे जब सब साथ छोड दे, तब भी वो साथ निभाता है ।

दुख तो सचा है यारो, सुख अपने साथ झुठे साथी लाता है ।

हम आगे ठोकर ना खाये, इस लिए सबके असली रंग वो दिखाता है ।

Starting with the title of the poem “Dukh to sacha hai yaroo”, it means, that bad time is our true well-wisher. This poem tries to show the positive aspect of Bad time.

The description goes as follows, we get many people to share our happiness in our good time, and we tell them every part of our life without manipulating things because we trust them. Time passes by and so does the good time.

Then comes the bad time, which brings brightness along with it, brightness of truth. Those along whom we used to share gossips for hours, then have to find out time to ask about our well-being during our bad time.

Good time cheats us by bringing false friends but bad time is always true to us. It protects as from getting cheated by the wrong people’s in our life by showing us their real faces.

Don’t know why we fear bad time, it’s the one who shows us the truth. Even if everyone else leaves us alone, it still stays with out like a true partner.

This poem was published in the “Vivek Vandan Newspaper”, you can view it on their Facebook Page.

Below is the copy for the same



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  1. Overwehlmed by your writing.. You really write too well!
    Lots of love and blessings..
    Take care of yourself and keep on writing..


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