भारतीय नारी थोड़ी थोड़ी ऐसी होती है | Poem on women

Bhartiya nari thori-thori se aise hoti hai…

Bhartiya nari thori thori se aise hoti hai

Usually in poem you can’t show your all felling, and same is the case with this poem, and that’s where the description plays an important role.

This is a story of a working women, we can also relate it to a housewife. The actual description is as follows,

vo dari dari se rahti hai,
fir b vo kisie se nahi kahti hai…

(A working women has so much of fear inside her, that if she got up late all her day schedule will be spoilt, she would not be able to make meals on time and reach office on time, if she gets late from office her children will be waiting for food, when she is out, she has to fear about the cheap crowd but all of this she dosen’t shares with any one as she wants to support her family and see everyone happy)

jatati to hai uske muthi me jaha hai,
fir bhi pyar ke har katre ko vo tarasti hai…

(If you see a working women, she shows at her office and home that she has the height of success in her hands, and shows her confidence everywhere, but besides every happiness that she gets from external things, she just wants to steal out time from the world and stay with her kids and husband, so that she gets the love that she misses due to her office)

muskurahat uski deepak ke roshni se roshan hai,
dil uska deepak ke talve sa roshni se vanchit hai…

(though she might have lots of problems in her personal life, but she never shows this in front of others, she will smile and continue with the all work, but deep inside she knows there are many problems unsolved, and when she is at home the office problems are also in her mind, usually men come and share there office frustration but she always lets him speak, and never says what all went wrong with her, there that emptiness comes in)

vo tutti hai, fir sab ke liye banti hai,
zakham ka dard vo akele he sahti hai…

(even if someone abuses her for her work or anything, she breaks down at times, but without anyone’s help, she builds her confidence again, and gets back to her work again, even if she got a burn while cooking food, she ignores it, hardly tells it to her partner or kids and continues as all is normal)

arman uske maan me dabe dabe se rahte hai,
vo gile bhi kisie se nahi karti hai…

(many a times she wants rest, she wants not to work and stay back with her family, but she can’t say this to anyone as she knows if she doesn’t works at office or home, ultimately her loved ones happiness will be compromised. she at times may have complains from her husband, children, her workplace, but she rather prefers to stay quite)

vo sapne jo dekhti hai,
fir sapno me he unhe vo jite hai…

(even she has dreams to go to office picnic and enjoy with everyone, or go out with her friends on weekends but she chooses to be at home so that she can clean her home, set things and compensate for the time when she is out of home, even she at times feels not getting up from the bed and that someone brings a cup of coffee for her, but she knows this would not be the case, and she has to get up and finish her work, so she is happy thinking this in her dreams only)

apno ke, begano ke sitam bhi vo sahti hai,
fir bhi unke zindagi vo savarti rahti hai…

(it may be her husband, her children or her colleges, who trouble her, who have complains from her, but still she faces everything and does what’s good for all, like she might not be able to explain why her being strict with her child is good, but still she hers all abuses and does what’s good for them.)

jo sochte hai, bhartiya nari kaisie hoti hai,
bhartiya nari thori-thori se aise hoti hai…

(and I know ke all girls are not like that, some are even more stronger and some are mean, and some are different that’s why its ‘thori-thori se aise hoti hai’)

But I personally believe somewhere or the other Each girl is sacrificing something for her family, but that sacrifice is not see, people only she her mistakes, it takes great strength to leave your home and go to work when someone at home is not well but what people see is, ‘kaise aurat hai uska beta bimar hai fir bhi usko apni ayashiya hona islye aj bhi naukri pe gyi’ this kind of language you get to here, but keep yourself at her place and see how much strength it requires to leave your loved one and go out to work so that you can bear the expenses for their treatment etc…

I never want to show weakness of a women through any of my writing, but its my fault that I was not able to express my thoughts properly through my poem, hence shared what was in my mind while writing this poem…



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