India – A place where we sell our daughters | Dowry Story


India is the only place where ever next parent sells there daughter, shocked about this? Well this is a true fact about India, and if you don’t believe it then answer me what is Dowry??? Is it not selling your daughter???


Whenever a child is about to be born in an average family, parents first wish, that it should not be a girl, what else can they do, except wishing this, then unfortunately if it’s a girl, they have to spend there whole life collecting things to please there daughters, in laws, which involves money from there education to there death. Always they have to give something or the other for the sake of there daughter and mind it, its not for her, but its for pleasing her in laws, relatives, her in laws neighbors and what not etc.

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I never understand this concept that why they have to do all this, if you are marring your daughter to some one, then as before marriage the father is the whole and sole and he strives for her happiness, then after marriage it’s the husbands responsibility to do so, if not then why its said “ke ek ladki ke life me uske papa ke jagah sirf uska husband le sakta hai”. Then if he is who is taking her responsibility then why is it required for a parent to give each necessary thing to her daughter at the time of marriage and even after that.

I still not understand why before marriage people demand things from a sewing machine to a car, do you don’t believe in your son’s worth??? That he is able to earn and purchase things that you have to ask rather beg in front of a girls family for all your basic necessities and give it a name, “ke apke bet ke khushi ke liye hai sab” . For me, if a boy can’t get the basic things for his home, what kind of happiness can he get for me. Its better to be single and buy things according to your need rather than being a showcase for the society and for the in laws.


A girl’s parents spend so much time on her education and each basic need, so do the boy’s parent. After marriage the girl has to leave her house and go to his in laws and still it’s her parents who have to pay for this also, what kind of justice it is, why they have to give always, and why can’t the boy’s parent understand that already the girls parents are giving them something that is Priceless there daughter.

People say that daughter in laws usually are not good and they don’t respect there in laws, kaise respect karege agar apne uske maa papa ko itna pareshan kiya for dowry, for her you are a beggar only, a beggar jisne uske mom dad ke puri savings destroy kar de sirf apna ghar sajane ke liye. For parents who have only a single daughter or who have sons who are too small then there daughter and they are old now, no one can understand what 10 to 15 lakhs means for them. They spend everything for there daughter and then it’s the poor son who is compromised for everything, and then they also do the same what there in laws did, a lot of dowry, what else can they do even they have to maintain there standard, and in all this only relations are scarified, and ultimately no one has respect for no one. Rather jo apna hai usme kush raho, dusro ka ghar jala kar aap kabhi apna ghar roshan nahi kar sakte.

A recent incident with my far friend who did love marriage, she was so worried that what will she take to her in laws after marriage as her marriage, we all where so surprised in what her father in law said, “jis jore me tumhari shadi hue hai tum sirf us jore me humare ghar aaoge, and baki sari chize hum arrange karenge apne bete ke liye.” And vo shadi ka jora b uske husband ne use kharid ke diya tha, now just justify me, aise insan ke liye kis ke maan me respect nhi aaege, and then after marriage will she not respect her in laws, when we all friends look up to his father in law with so respect, vo unhe kyu respect nhi karege. Balki humse jada karege and then that person will be called her “FATHER” not “FATHER IN LAW” it’s a great difference. Give your daughters in laws respect, and don’t value them in terms of what amount of dowry she has brought from her family, but with what values she had brought, and the day is not far away when she will become your daughter. Baat ke gehraie ko samjho.


People who fight so much on SAVE GIRLS please first protest for DOWRY, agar betiyo ko becha nhi jayega to vo kabhi bhojh nahi banege, and jab vo bhojh nahi banege tab har angan me ek kali (beti) khilege.

And ladkiyo ke kharidar, agar ap dowry band nhi karenge to ladkiyo ke ratio itne kaam ho jayege ke then you have to pay for a bride for your son and though you may be ready to pay any amount you won’t get a bride. Tab paise kaam nhi aaenge.


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  2. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this information together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.But so what, it was still worthwhile!


  3. you need to travel and get out more
    most of African countries sell their daughters as it is reverse dowry there – the husband pays the bride’s family to ‘buy’ his bride
    this is also very common in many other cultures besides African and Indian


    1. Please focus on the title of the article…
      Its INDIA the only place we sell our daughters, I had already specified in the title, that its with respect to India.
      I know most of the Hindus abroad also don’t follow this tradition, and most literate people also not do.
      But with respect to India, 85% – 95% people will take a-lot of Dowry from the girls family.
      And this is the story of each 4 homes out of 5.
      And if she doesn’t bring the dowry, she is tortured and troubled by ill words… I myself has witnessed it in many cases…
      You are absolutely right at your point and me at my point…


  4. yup, u have pointed out right things in this article. Even we need to spread message in rural parts where dowry is practised the most. As in the example u sighted of love marriage, i have seen such improvement in minds of urban people. They are now moving forward to modernness from conservativeness. And i heartily thank writers like u 4 taking such a initiative for social awareness.


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