Thoughts In the mind of a Rapist

Well we all think how can a person be so cruel and rape a girl/child/boy so badly, but we never think what that person thinks before raping etc and all.

I know all must be thinking what rubbish I am talking about and how can I tell what’s going on in a rapist mind, well this is just a way I thought about it, so just wanted to share, and there is only one paragraph that deals with the thoughts of rapist, rest are normal views.

Lets start with a question, in our school days when we used to get some homework, how careful we used to be that no mistake should be made by us, else we will be punished.
Means in simple terms we can say that if we fear we don’t make mistakes

Just think about this, the people in our country are so fearless that they don’t even care a daam about the punishment, they don’t have a bit fear from the government and the police section hence the rape cases are increasing day by day.

1363507143_rapeWhat do the rapist thinks when he sees there victim, yar kitne item hai vo, ek bar to us pe hath saaf karna banta he hai(sorry for my language). Inner conscious thoughts, yar par problem ho jayege, police and all ke lafre me par jauga, agar pakra gaya to…
Conscious thoughts, Agar pakra b gaya to kya fark parta hai, government and police kya bigar lege mera, 3-4 sal to inhe case ke natijie ke liye he lag jayenge, utne sal tak mai aram se jail me baith ke khana kha sakta hu, aaram se 2 wakt ke roti mil jayege, jada duniya ke jhamele b nhi honge, bhar roz kamaie ke liye marne se acha jail me 2 wakt ke roti khao and aram se jiyo. Akhir government kar he kya sakti hai, jada se jada 7 sal ke saja de sakti hai, 23 ka mai abhi hu 7 sal me 30 ka ho jauga tab tak shadi ke liye 1 nayi ladki to mil he jayege, fir uske sath aish kar sakta hu, aakhir ladkiyo ke aukad he kya hai vo sirf ..(dont want to write those words here.)

One of the rapist of damini delhi case, wrote to government that he needs special attention in his cell as he is appearing for some aviation exam for Indian Air force or the aviation section, so he wants fresh fruits etc.. in his cell with newspapers and all, and special care so that he can prepare well, now you only tell me where I am wrong in saying that people do rapes for enjoying the service of Indian government, because they know our Government is useless. Agar dar hota to uske itne majal hoti aise demands rakhne ke. Shame on our government jisie itna galat karne ke baad koi aise demand karta hai and fir bhi vo apne hath bandh ke baithi hai.

On a serious note agar humari government se koi darta to itna kuch ho nhi raha hota India me, and ek humari government hai jo ek decision nhi le sakti, and hum kya kar rahe hai sirf statistics, sympathy, facebook status posts rallies etc. and kuch dino baad ghar se bhar nikalte he, jaha ladki dekhe vaha nazre fisli, how can men be so cheap, koi dignity he nhi hoti unke, koi b ladki dekhe ke u feel like f****** them, itna b nhi sochte if she is suffering from some disease or if she is an AIDS patient then what will happen to your future.What dignity you have if you cant control yourself, and its too much now, boys you should accept girls can do what you can and you should leave your ego and respect them because 40% rape cases are due to ego problems.

Men have fear, if you don’t fear God and government then fear from the one who you are doing wrong, don’t forget the most pleasant and beautiful Goddess is “Parvati maa”, she is one of the most calm and beautiful goddess, and “Durga maa” is also her part, so you can imagine how violent a girl can be if she gets angry. If you think this is something funny then read today’s news, Two boys tried to kidnap a girl in Hyderabad and she saved/rescued herself by spaying pepper spay on them. This is just the beginning, if you all don’t improve yourself then the day is not far, jab ladko ko raste pe chalne se pahle darna parega and then the ratio of boys : girls will decrease and people will say SAVE BOYS, because no mother will give birth to a boy and increase such cases of rapes, because every next man has cheapness in his eyes. Janvaro ko janam dene se acha hai she will prefer giving birth to a girl, at-least she can carry her responsibilities properly.

Don’t forget today its me tomorrow its you, life is an echo, whatever you give it returns to you and that also with interest, so lookout to girls with respect else there are other guys too who will play your part of teasing and all with your Sister, daughter, wife and mother, Give respect and get respect.

And government please some serious action accepted from you this time

And a small note for all boys, Don’t let India down, “Bharat Maa ke betiya hai hum, tum ushi bhumi se janme ho, humare rakshak ho, bhakshak maat bano.”

Save Girls, save life, safe your future…


3 thoughts on “Thoughts In the mind of a Rapist

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  2. Very good and sry actually is government ka kuch b nhi ho skta bcoz inko bigada b humne hai so don’t wait for good decision ye sab chalta rahega and I’m telling u future m isse b bura hone wala h we can’t do anything…. But still u r doing good for human… Sry if I said something wrong…. God bless u


    1. No, this won’t go up, this has to ends, check out today’s news, a girl at Hyderabad was attacked by two boys, and she escaped / saved herself by throwing pepper spay on them, this will go bad but for boys, now its there turn to face all the worse things.


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