Does being Manglik means anything?

Manglik, the first thought that comes to a persons mind hearing this word is a Manglik girl that is a very unlucky girl and destroys the peace, harmony and life of her mate.

But it is really so? If a manglik person is the reason to destroy their mate, I never heard people elaborating that a girl died because her husband was manglik. We humans are discriminative but God is not that discriminative that he will create different rules for a Manglik girl and a Manglik boy. If he has created rules then it is for a Manglik person he never said it’s for a Manglik boy or Girls, and those who propagate this and over publicize this, may I know where it is written that rules for a Manglik girl and a manglik boy are different, then why are girls always blamed for anything that goes wrong, when any one can be Manglik.

ManglikDoshain-housesConsider this, if God has set the age of a person ‘X’ as 30 years and that person gets married to a person ‘Z’, now if Z is manglik, then God is not doing any programming that he will code that if X marries Z he will live for 25 years else he will live for 30 years, death date is decided on the date a person gets born. And pairs are made by God, so how will God say that he married that girl and he should not marry her therefore I will kill him? God doesn’t has so much time, Marriages are made in heaven and someone’s life can’t be decided on a person to whom he will get married. Its so simple if X has age of 30 and he marries at 29 then he has to die at 30 and if he marries at 25 then also he has to die at 30 so where does the logic comes that he married to a manglik girl and died in the first year of marriage.

Have any one thought about this concept in a different way; if not then try to understand it my way. What does the word Manglik / Mangal dosh means, whenever we have any function in our surrounding what do we usually say, “Yaha mangal kaaj hai”. And what do we say for a manglik person “use Mangal Dosh hai”. Agar vo MANGAL(good) hai to vo DOSH kaise hua, because according to all great astrologers MANGAL kaaj is something Good. So when something is good how can it be a Dosh. Or is Mangal dosh something that means that the person is too Good, and its said na being too Good is also Bad that’s why the word dosh gets attached to it.

So with a different view we can say basically, Manglik people are people who have a lot of Good and positive power attached to them. And those who doesn’t respect those powers and blame them get to see the side-effects, because those who doesn’t believe this or those who doesn’t distinguish a person by all this never get to see the side effects.

We have the best example of the “Ashwariya Rai Bachaan”, she is also Manglik, I am not that sure whether she has gone through some puja and all before her marriage, but the point what I want to highlight is that, Bachaan family respected all that and never created any huge issues about it, there fore they never got to see the any bad part of anything, in-fact there is never anything bad attached to all this, its just our point and superstition that we give value to, If we value a person, instead of all this that value will never go waste.

ManglikDoshaOccurs2Almost every one has seen the movie “Oh My God”, there a point was highlighted of the “The Bhagavad Gita” that, “God has created the whole World, and only he is responsible for its destruction” when it’s clearly said in this shalok that God is responsible for all the creation and destruction then how can someone’s mangal affect life and death of someone else, God has given birth to us and only he can decide whom / what to finish and when. It’s so stupid of us, that we don’t trust and follow what’s written in our holy books but instead start following superstitions. So If we are blaming a person, that because of that person, something bad happens to us, then ye to God ke tohin ho gyi, How can a person or their mangal be so strong that it can do something that God didn’t decide. So next time if you are blaming a person for something bad that happened in your life, then indirectly you are blaming God, and trying to say that the powers that God have are less and that person has more power than God and  therefore that person can control your life, now think practically how stupid this seems even on thinking, that someone is more powerful than God.

I don’t want to take examples of other castes where people don’t believe all this or of other countries because this is one of the hidden problem of our country so we should only focus on our faults. Thought this kind of harassment doesn’t comes out or gets attention but those who have to face this have to face it throughout there life, I personally have seen a lady who still gets insulted in her 50-60 just because of all this, “Ye sare chize dimag ke tarah humare samajh ko khokla kar rahi hai, and jab ye rang dikhlaege tab tabahi machaege.

We never think when people feed our mind with all this rubbish, they are basically taking advantage of our weakness, do you doubt the point of people taking advantage of all this then let me give you a real life example, when ever I want to reject a marriage proposal I highlight my being manglik so much so much that it automatically gets rejected. Similarly people just try to take advantage of others according to their requirement, otherwise in today’s world who has so much time to think something good about others and suggest them something for there benefit, always remember before getting into anyone’s talks / thoughts, everyone is SELFISH.

The great Chanakya had once said “If a person is not stable in his thoughts or disturbed by emotions, it’s very easy to play with their mind by feeding our thoughts into their mind.” If our mind is clear and we are honest then nothing can harm us.

I know many of the people reading this article will not like me criticizing all this, but I don’t mean to hurt any one. “Believing in holy things, etc is good but always remember, that your believe should not break some one, or someone’s trust, because when you blame some one they doubt there existence and there trust. You can’t win God’s grace by breaking a person’s heart.”


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  1. Very well Written Deepika Janiyani. It’s on a totally different topic.In India, being Manglik has been considered as some kind of curse, especially for Girls.No one predict the future.If Anyone who is telling you that your future is dependent on some planets, he is lying and trying to make a fool of you.I really appreciated for these lines “Mangal Kaaj” and “Mangal Dosh”.“Yaha mangal kaaj hai”. And what do we say for a manglik person “use Mangal Dosh hai”.Agar vo MANGAL(good) hai to vo DOSH kaise hua.I hope after reading your article everyone will change their mind.Thanks for describe about Mangal dosh.

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  2. I was suggested this web site via my cousin. I am now not certain whether or not this post is written by means of him as no one else understand such targeted approximately my trouble. You’re wonderful! Thanks!


  3. Someone who has the inherent qualities of speaking the truth and standing up for themselves is bound to be disliked by the manipulative masses. And, for all that matters a logically written rebuttal of myths can provide validation to those who have an open mind and still be rubbished by people who want to be Selfishly-Illogical.


  4. These all manglik curse stories are created by people to make money by offering solutions. I am manglik according to pandits but i enjoy my life at fullest. Mangal is the king of all the armies and the most powerful . so manglik person is like the warrior and can overcome any problem that can come in their life , so to demotivate a manglik warrior pandits says that it’s a curse , but actually it’s a boon. Thanks for such a nice article…


  5. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.

    Thanks for great info I was looking for this info for my mission.


  6. Good day! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?

    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks


  7. Excellent! It’s time to confront those who created all this nonsense in the name of religion and thrusted it on gullible people.


  8. Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers


  9. Thank u for the hope.
    I love a girl she say tat she is manglik and she is afraid tat something happens to me is shown the above article really thanks a-lot.


  10. Sneha every Tuesday give some feed or rice to fish they must pray for you.everything will be OK inshallah. Or every Tuesday make lunch for parents eat them with your own hands everything will OK inshallah


  11. Truly said in your article.I also believe in your thoughts.Hope all people start believing in god instead in astrologers.

    Thanks .


  12. Deepika ji thank you so much. I will share your article as much as I can.
    I hope after reading your article everyone will change their mind.


  13. The article is undoubtedly logical and praise worthy; At the same time one can not ignore the fact that all logic are laced with limitations of individual comprehension – which again is influenced by our conditioning.

    Literal interpretation of a word not necessarily relates to it’s intrinsic meaning always. “MANGAL” – ‘Subh’ and “MANGALIK” – characterized by positive and/or negative influence of ‘Mars'(the planet) !

    Astrology and Astronomy has its root in Vedic Sciences from which lots of modern and applied sciences have been probed and proved forward. Now, if myth, superstition an/or lack of wisdom tarnish the established proof of science; then the whole subject will never stand ‘Untrue’ nor can it be blamed !

    We quote religious scriptures in different contexts to support our concept or our logic; Fine, but we forget that the core wisdom of these scriptures comes from ‘Shruti'(something like a state of eternal communion) and not from so-called knowledge; And that’s why most of these scriptures are mis-interpreted by the present-day mythical mullahs and pundits.

    The concept of god needs to be reviewed and REALIZED WITHIN instead of trying to find and rediscover WITHOUT.

    Khudos to ‘Deepika’ for her painstaking analysis of the issue.


  14. After reading your article, I’m feeling relaxed.
    Thanks a ton Deepika:)

    Girl whom I love is a manglik and I’m non manglik. We have been in relation for 8 years now. We conveyed our parents that we love each other and we want to marry. All of a sudden they say as per astrology she is manglik and we won’t accept your proposal. Doesn’t it sound insane when our dreams, our life, our happiness everything has to be buried due to a single word ‘Manglik’. We will never give up. We are still fighting for our love.


  15. Deepika you have published a wonderful article hats off to you.. This is sometimes insane that people of our country believe in all these crap things.. what actually matters is your outlook and the state of mind towards things.. when it comes to this manglic thing many people are scared to take a chance and think about marriage to a manglic person if they are not manglic because it has been feeded in there minds the bad consequences which can occur after marriage with a manglic.. when we are born we don’t know anything but when we get grown up all we know is what we have saw and experiences of others that what makes our state of mind and perceptions towards different things.. may god give courage to people to think and act what they feel is right rather than someone else deciding what’s wrong or what’s right.. cheers and joy to all beings.. follow the light and your heart..


  16. dear deepika, if you donot mind,..are you manglik. why i wish to know that if you are so, are you felling hurt to be called so….. mahesh


    1. I don’t know whether I am Manglik or not, because some pandit say I am and some say I am not, and I don’t care about it also.

      I wrote that article because I have seen people loosing many good things in life due to this manglik stuff.


  17. The article is well written and talks about the Manglik. Sstarting from manglik it goes towards challenging our beliefs of religion. In today world religion has just been medium used by people to get their motives.
    I believe that the day we are born there is a plan and purpose for us to live this life. The almighty is with you every moment. The reason the religion and religious processes were made was just to keep it going for generations. But people perceived it differently and starting believing in them rather than god.
    So if god is with us I don’t think you could go wrong until you desire to commit a sin.
    With regards to manglik, it is actually not a dosh. It is just certain star position where you prefer the other person of similar star position. Hence it is said its better for manglik to marry manglik.
    The star signs may have certain impact on you but it majorly depends on how you perceive yourself. Taking astrology, if every minute we have over 5 children born in India so do you think they have same future? Yes they could have similar characteristics but depends on how they are molded.
    So you might believe in astrology as science but blind faith would make you insane.


  18. I Believe in God.. I dont Believe in Mangik and Non Manglik.. God has never created negative energy.. we humans creat such things to confuse the life.. Krishna Baghwan has told in Geeta that ” You just come under my blessing and everthing will be fine for you. “.. This is what i believe.. Jai Shree Krishna..


    1. Yeah true… But I am manglik girl married with a non manglik guy. I am so upset to know this.
      I came to know about this maglik dosh after my marriage…


  19. awesome . and true…. and great example…. muje pure article me ek chij bahut achi lagi and that is the example of oh my god, and this is true..only god has created the whole word… and he is responsible for ddestruction…. I really love it…. thanx


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