I do believe, Santa Clause exists, and soon you will also believe…

Merry Christmas
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Santa Clause, the biggest fantasy of every child, unless he grows up and finds that it was just a fantasy…

Though I am grown up, but I still consider myself as a child, and I am not unknown about the reality that Santa Clause is just a fantasy, but still I personally believe that Santa Clause does exist…

You don’t accept this??? I know many would not do, but just read my article properly and you will find where Santa is lost, and then around 80% of the readers will believe that Santa Clause does exists… I bet it.

Santa Clause was never a myth, or some God, that we doubt its existence, he did exists, according to the most popular stories about Santa, the widely accepted one is Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and simply “Santa”, is a figure with legendary, mythical, historical and folkloric origins who, in many western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24, getting into more details, Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Greek Christian bishop of Myra. He was famous for his generous gifts to the poor. There are many stories about Santa which you can read here.

But What I want to tell, is never heard or told reality of Santa, now what you have to do is, just imagine, that you are a small child of 4-5 years, and its Christmas Eve, what thoughts do you have, you think Santa Clause will come and give you your most desirable gift, chocolates etc, and with some kids, these things do happen, when we are a kid our mom dad don’t want to dishearten us and they do buy gifts for us and keep it besides our bed or around the Christmas tree, and we enjoy this and believe that it was really Santa Clause who did this.

Then why its today that we don’t believe in Santa, because we know it was our parents, but it was not our parents, its was there desire to keep us happy that took the image of Santa Clause, happiness never takes the credit of making people happy, it gives the credit to a reason, for spreading happiness, and today and tomorrow the reason is Christmas.

Have you ever wondered that why the clothes of Santa is red and white, the x-mas tree is green, I know all trees are green, but just try to think what makes christmas a color of Red, White and Green. Well if you don’t want to give stress to your brains the answer is it tries to give us a message, that we should spread Love prosperity and joy (Red), Purity kindness openness and truth(White), fertility, life, balance, self-respect, healing and well being(Green). Out of which nothing is difficult for a person, may be it can be difficult for the society, but not a person.

Everyone can make others happy and everyone can be a Santa Clause a person loved by everyone, for that you don’t have to buy lots many gifts, and come down via a chimni all you have to do is make someone happy, and you don’t have to think the ways also, I have some ideas.

  • Everyday we may cross many signals and find, small kids roaming around and selling things or lying here and there, just decide one signal from the many you come across and buy some chocolates and give them to those children, suppose there are around 8 children then a dairymilk for each of them will cost around Rs.40, just Rs.40, and today we all can afford it, skip something you want to get for yourself and do something for someone else, you won’t fell anything at that time but when you will come down home, and relax you will find yourself smiling, remembering the Smiles of those children and somewhere you will feel relaxed and proud of yourself.
  • If you can afford around Rs.100 buy some sweets packets and give it to everyone (the poor ones) around that signal, and see how much/little they feel happy, the quantity of happiness doesn’t matters, what matters is spreading happiness.
  • While moving around your town, you might find some people that may be lying around with very few clothes, that can protect them from cold, look out for the old clothes (warm and other) and give at least one to them, which is in good condition, because everyone of us has at least a pair of cloth which we don’t wear and its in good condition, and we don’t want to throw it, so don’t throw it, share it with someone in need.
  • Or what you can do is, if you are going out for party tomorrow, the places you go to eat something, you will surely find someone begging around… 😦 when you are done with your food, try to get some thing for them, a single sambosa costs hardly Rs.10 – Rs.15 depending upon the restaurant you go to, if you are spending Rs. 500 in your stuff you can definitely spend Rs. 50 to feed someone, go for contri with friends, Rs.10 from each’s pocket won’t cost much.

And if all this is tooo difficult and you worry about what other people will think, I have some simple one also, you may have a maid at your home, a driver, a guard of your society, a peon at office or the parking man, get something for them, and give it to them, they will surely be happy.

And if all above is tooooo difficult then this one is toooooooooooo simple, Respect everyone, don’t ever treat the people below you badly, whenever you want to rise, look up to the stars, but to prevent yourself from falling keep your roots strong Down below, just like a tree, always remember if a tree will not coordinate well with the soil and other stuffs well it can never stand up and rise to the skies, to reach to heights you have to behave well with things below you.

And its not always about reaching heights, normally also, your happiness is decided by God on the no of people you make happy. Smile at everyone you know, don’t treat yourself as a boss, the low you remain, the more respect and love you gain.

Each of us can be a Santa for someone or the other by following this, because the main motto of Santa was also to make people happy, if a child is happy then obviously the family is happy, and for spreading happiness you don’t need power, remember Charlie Chaplin has once said, “You need Power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise Love and Smiles are enough to get everything done.”

Don’t let the myth of Santa go away, prove it that still there are people who really do care for other people’s happiness, and don’t wait for others to start, remember if you have to win a race you have to run ahead of people, similarly if you want to remain happy you have to make others happy, no-one can steal the happiness of a person who makes others happy.

I believe in Santa so much that today after coming from my office, I took a stocking and wrote a note and kept it hanging out, with a believe that someone will surely fulfill what can make me happy, and what I want most at this time is Good wishes and blessings, hope my Santa fills my life with happiness…

And please don’t say that you are a Non Christian so you can’t celebrate Christmas and make others happy, remember “Dharam koi bhi ho, har tyohar manana ek acha Idea hai.”


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