Tarak Mehta Ka Sidha Chashma… Part One

If I ask everyone reading this post, which is one of your favorite television show, I am sure 90% or more will end up saying “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma…” am I right??? I know I am… What do we normally do with things we like??? We try to follow them, suppose we like an Actor/Actress, we try to do things they do, dress up there way and what not…So now my question is, do we really like the serial (“Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma…”) so much, because I have heard people go crazy for the serial.Lets discuss about some points that serial emphasis on may be directly/indirectly, because I don’t know why it was casted this way, but still there are some points in the serial that make a-lot of sense…One of the most imported point from all is caste-ism, this is one of the most problem creating issue in our country, most of the problems are due to this reason, agar caste-ism se itne problems hote hai to hum sab EK banke kyu nhi rahte, jab hume ek sath he rahna hai.Usually when someone has everything best in his life and if he get something that is very precious what do we end up saying, “You are very Lucky, nhi to sab ko sab kuch kaha milta hai…” right??? Is this not true, life me sab ko sab kuch nhi milta hai, lakin hum jaha rahte hai, humare “BHARAT DESH ME(INDIA)”, humare pas sab kuch hai, I mean to say humare yaha har caste ke log hai, India is one of the luckiest county in this world because world me aise koi caste nhi hogi jiska atleast ek insan India me nhi hoga, India has everything still it is not at the heights at which it should be,because we don’t value what we have got, individually b soch log, agar ek insan ko sab kuch mil jaye to vo kitna khush hoga, vaise he India has everything to Indians ko kitna khush hona cahiye, fir kaha hai vo kushi???The whole cast belongs to different caste in the serial also and in there real life also, but have a look at them they enjoy so much with each other, Take a case of Abdul, he also enjoys so much with all and even they treat him as a member of their family, hum logo ko apna banate he nhi hai, logo ko apne pass ane he nhi dete, and generally soch lete hai ke ye caste ke log aise hote hai vo caste ke log vaise hote hai etc… and what not, lakin in sab me hum ye bhul jate hai “LOG to sirf LOG hote hai”

Just think upon this, jab God kisie insan ko banata hoga, at the first stage of his life, sab ek jaise fetus rahte hai, koi superior nhi koi lower nhi, to baad me hum inferiority, superiority kaha se laate hai.

Consider this, suppose you meet a person, he saves your life helps you and you think he belong to your caste, you love him because he is of our own caste and treat him well, and few days later you find that person belong to some other caste and you start hating him, why??? what is this??? what kind of thinking is this? nothing can be worse than this thinking, INSAN KO USKE KARMO SE JANO, USKE JATI SE NAHI, The same person was Good if he belongs to your caste and becomes bad if he does not belong to your caste? Is this hate or jealousy, jealousy because you think ke us caste ka insan kitna acha hai n humari caste ke log b kabhi kabhi humari help nhi karte and vo dusri caste ka hoke b itna acha hai??? apni caste ke logo ke buraiyo ka badla hum dusre caste ke ache logo ko hate kar ke to nahi lete na???
Hum ye kyu bhul jate hai ke kabhi kabhi humare apne log b hume dard  pahocha jate hai to hum dusro ko azmane se darte kyu hai, agar ek insan bura raha this doesn’t means us caste ke sab log bure honge, Insan ke value uske harkato se  honi cahiye uske caste se nahi.

Now about inter-caste marriages problems, this is really a sad thing, because of which there are so many youngsters dying, may be in reality but in their heart, because they fear what people will say react etc.
Have anyone noticed the pairing in the serial, lets see Sodi and Roshan, Aiyar and Babita, even they are inter-caste marriage pairs, don’t they make a great couple??? or do we not enjoy seeing them together, I still can’t understand why people have so much problem with inter-caste marriages…

Our latest Bollywood couple “SAIF and KAREENA” unke shadi me kisie ko problem nahi hue, stars hue to kya hua vo b to insan the, if they have right to be happy with a person of any caste then why can’t others be happy to, jise jaise khush rahna hai rahne do na, hum kaun hote hai bolne wale.

Caste-ism is still tolerable but hum apni caste me b itne sab caste banate ja rahe hai and fir ye sub castre ke jhamle alag ye sub caste is sub caste se shadi nhi kar sakte, baat nhi kar sakte etc, aisa he chalta raha na to a day will come when har ke family ek caste ban jayege… very sab but can happen, then who will people marry? there brother or sister? or else they have to stay single and alone always, jaha ekta chuti vaha chize khatam ho jati hai, and ek din unke caste and family dono end ho jayege, because no one will be there to take it further, fir kya karoge janab? jitna ap khud ko alag karoge utha akele and dhukhi ho jauge, and jitna sab ke sath rahoge utna enjoy karoge, because India can celebrate one festival everyday, and festivals are the best way to take Gum(sadness) away, fir logo ko Rum nahi lagege Gum bhulane ke liye ;), ye to added advantage hai.

Just think, if you pair up with someone of another caste, then your kids pair up with some other caste and so on, then your family will have The Whole India together, it would be so wonderful, having dishes of different castes each day, we would be able to celebrate different festivals, 365 days, we would know so many languages, there are so many advantages, the only disadvantage I think is to adjust to the atmosphere, but that is also because we think adjusting with some other caste person is difficult, its just the thinking that causes the issue, Insan to insane hota hai, vo koi be caste ka kyu na ho.

Lastly I don’t know why some caste people consider themselves superior; do superior caste people have different colored blood??? Is it so??? Or other human body structure, my my… I need to find someone who is so different, but my poor eyes are so weak, that mujhe to sab ek jaise he dekhte hai… tested my eyes so many times… still no improvement…

This serial has so many good things to understand that my words felt short, and it was not possible to write everything in one post, because no one will like to read so much, hence I decided to publish this into parts, this is just the first part in which I have just focused on inter caste relationships, have alot more to write, So for the one who are interested to read will have to wait, for your ease you can also follow the blog so you will get the updates in your mail.

Lastly about the title of the serial, I am sorry for changing it, I really value the serial a lot, and I think ke it was kept as “ulta chashma” because people do the exact opposite of what is shown in the serial, and mai usko Sidha karna chahti hu, I want ke at-least kuch log to apne soch badle, kuch badlenge to vo kuch aur logo ko badlenge and aise he hum sab sudhrenge.


10 thoughts on “Tarak Mehta Ka Sidha Chashma… Part One

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  1. I Appriiate that Aaj Ka Serial 7/3/2013 ko jo Sabak Dikhaya gaya hai wo bahut hi acha tha………aaj k serial ne zamane ko naya disha diya hai…….continue…………….and god bless u


  2. agar kisi insaan ko koi chiz aisi di jae jo wo nhi lena chahata to wo us chiz ko sidha dene par nhi lega par ulta dene par ye dekhne k liye ki kya hai zarur lega i think is serial ka naam “tarak maheta ka ulta chasma” hi rahene dijiye sidha karne par log ulte hojaege thak u for ur lovely post i like it


  3. Hey , i read ur first part and i just want to do or say something

    ‘salute to u deepika’

    i m glad that u r my frnd

    thank u

    waiting for another part


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