Wanna please God??? In real sense??? then spare some time and read the article below

Till today many of you may have tried many things to please God… Puja’s, Pandits, Priest etc… But do you know what makes God Happy in real sense??? Have a look at the article below, I bet you will get your answer,Have you ever thought what God actually likes??? Do you think God likes, a lot of costly decoration that was done the last few days on the Pandhals for Ganesh Chaturthi, or the heavy lighting flowing all through the street, the Costly Ganesh Idols, or the UN-necessary wastage on DJ’s???

Well if the answer is YES by any one, then let me clarify one thing, have you read the Kubera and Ganesha Mythology story, if not you can read it here. In short what the story concludes according to me is, “Jab khud bhagwan(Kubera), GaneshJi ko dikhawe se Prasan nhi kar pae the, Kya Insan kar payenge???”

And for the one’s whose answer is NO, then can I ask one thing? why was so much money wasted on such things??? Each one of us, reading this article and even me, where somewhere involved in this wastage, directly or indirectly.

I don’t mean to say that worshiping God is wrong, “Worshiping God is the purpose of Life”, this doesn’t mean we have to buy the costliest idol available in market, or have the best Pandal in town, everything should have a correct way. The last line of our story says “Kubera went back and offered the rice to Ganesha with love and humility, then Ganesha’s hunger was satisfied.”

So our keywords are love and humility.

GaneshaTo my knowledge every Pandal, had buffet/dinner on some day during these ten days for there colony members, instead of feeding the wealthy, we should have feed the needy, koi anathashram me buffet karva dete.The concept of Ganesh Puja for these 10 days was started by Lokmanya Tilak, so that they can bring people together and discuss about the plans for the freedom of India, mind it “To bring people together” and what we do??? This time at every walkable distance there where 2-3 pandals of each society, to my shock, there where pandals of Ganesh Ji facing opposite to each other??? Whats this??? This is a holy social gathering cause not some war, all this is going like the neighbors are fighting with each other to show off who’s pandal was better and whos Ganesh Idol was better. This is just waste, I think the whole area should have just one pandal, one fixed time of puja and all, its just waste to create pandals every 2 minutes walkable distance, “United we stand, divided we fall”. If the whole society will keep just one Idol then we can almost save 10 Lakhs plus money from one society means one city can save up-to 80 lakhs to 1 crore, in this amount we can create a building for all the poor people, just remove one slum and create a building and let all poor people live there, and fix some strict rules ke only they can live there etc, all the huge pandals set up this time where temporary, “Why do something temporally when you can do something permanently”, these are the ways India will progress and Unite. And for my young friends ‘if the whole society will we together you can easily check out all the cool boys and girls of your society…’ Being together is always fun.

None of my Ideas are imaginary, all is possible we just need to give a heartily try to it.

Bari Bari murtiyo se bhagwan prasan nahi honge, hume apna dil bara karne ke jarurat hai…
Instead of bargaining with the Idol artist for money, give him some extra money for a small Idol, jitne bari murti rahege, utna he our ponds and lakes will suffer, water also has an absorption limit it won’t adsorb sand above some limit, this time I fear ke kahi humara futala lake, daldal na ban jaye, itne matti agar usme jayegi to what else can you expect from the poor water… Water can never be replaced, nor created.

Learn the right way to Worship God, Bhagwan ke puja dil se hoti hai paiso se nahi, do Good to others(needy) and God will do Good For You, Stop Competing with your fellow brothers and neighbors, we Can’t rise above God, to bara banne ke jid me apne zindagi maat kharb kijiye… Sath rahiye Khush Rahiye… Choti ya bari murti se fark nahi parta, fark humari Shradha se parta hai, more precisely humari Sachi Shradha se…



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    1. “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” – John F. Kennedy


      “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.” – Bill Wilson


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