Road Accidents – A Single Minute…

What does a Single minute means to us? Is it really important to us in normal life(excluding extreme conditions)… well the answer is nothing great every one can take out 1 minute or shall I say 10minutes from there life’s daily… It won’t affect us much…

Hope I am correct here, because we spend at least some minutes daily on our Social networks just to check our updates, so this means we can easily take out 10 minutes daily from our life… am I right???

Then where does these 10 minutes go when we are at a traffic signal??? I don’t think that even if we have to wait at all signals that come in our way daily will take more than 10 minutes… Then why it is that almost all of us are always in a hurry to break signal, even if we don’t break them we don’t wait also for them to get green.

There are many cases of accidents weekly I don’t know the statistics, but we all know the fact, I mean isn’t breaking signals risky for all of us, because “today its me tomorrow its you” as a saying goes. There are so many personal experiences of all of us where you have escaped injuries by your mistake or someone’s else mistake just by a fraction of seconds, may be because of Gods grace and our parents blessings, but have we ever thought about them again ke what could the consequences can have been, what we do is just move ahead and forget everything.

Kal ke he baat le lete hai while coming back home from office, there was an auto(the big 1) which had more than 20 people on it, broke a signal, and he got escaped from a truck just by a fraction of seconds even when I saw this incident I was in total shock, ke agar vo fraction of second sahi time pe nhi aata, to us auto me jo log the unke jaan and the people in the truck and some others kitne sare logo ke jaan would have been on sake, it was God’s grace on them. These kinds of vehicle drivers should care more than any1 else because there driving stakes many life. So I request all those reading this article that if u ever be in autos or u see any such incident just try a single chance to go to the driver and politely say “Bhaiya sambhal ke chalaya karo, apke jaan kimti hai” the advantage of polite behavior will be that he wont say aapka kya jata hai ya apna kaam karo, moreover you are saying him apke jaan kimti hai to at-least I expect ke vo gussa to nhi karega, may b someday this line of someone will save some one’s life because you never know how do u affect someone by even a simple line of yours.

The pedestrian, have the worst experience with them specially in the buldi area and the busy areas. I can never figure out ke vo kya soch ke raste pe chalet hai, some people are so weird ke vo ek bar dekhenge b nhi ke signal just open hua hai and just walk like, everyone on the road is there loved ones and wont harm them. Please think before you put your step forward in any direction. Now this sentence is applicable in all phases of life.

Once in a while you may find animals dead on the road, even that’s due to our mistake.

Everyone should remember one thing Life kisi ke be ho, vo important hoti hai, hume apne hustle bustle me kabhi b ye ignore nahi karma cahiye.

So it’s a humble request ke while driving dusro ke liye socha karo, k eek galat step kisi aur ko kitna………… affect kar sakta hai, at least raste ke logo ke liye nahi to apne liye nahi to apni family members ke liye socha karo… 5minute late pahochne se duniya nhi badal jayegi, lakin un 5minute ko cover karne me life badal sakti hai… I think last line samajh gayi hogi it indirectly means a lot.

And please this write-up is not just for reading, all those have read it, please try to apply it to some extent in your life.

Agar aaj hum change nhi honge to kal hume humare bacho ko ya humari next generation ko change kar pana bhut mujhkil ho jayega because vo ye sab buri chize hum se he to sikh rahe hai, we are the roots if we are doing it for our schedule we cant explain them this, because for them its for Fun and Thrill.

Rules agar bane hai to Follow them, you cant be a Hero by breaking them, breaking rules can break you, follow them, at least you will have a satisfaction when you will see everything around you is beautiful just by following some basic rules…


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  1. Nice initiative for a social cause.When we say “time nahi hai” thats nothing but our silly excuses.We all know, we are bound to do work in 24 hours and we cannot have more than that, still we are always in short of time.Somebody has said very true ” 24 hr mein Ambani crores mein transaction karte hai aur usi 24 hr mein ek bhikhari kewal bheek mangta reh jata hai”. Time utilisation solely depends on us.
    Jahan tak Signal break karne ka sawal hai, I think that is all ‘jawani ka josh’ but jawani ke josh mein kuch bujurg aur auto drivers bhi aa jate hai, its true :). That all goes down with age and maturity.


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